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New Spook herk


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Recently two pictures have appeared on the net of an L100 flying in the US. It has a number on the tail not an N number and not a USAF number. 41901.

An airplane with this number was reported in a Hangar at Lockheed Greenville about 2 years ago.

There are about 5 Herks commonly called \"Mystery Herks\"

5032,5048,5055,5056, and 5057

Lockheed says they did not build 4 of them but, I think they lie.

Four are registered with the FAA 5032 N3755P supposedly flying with Prescott, 5048 M82178 was used by ALC, 5055 N8231G flying with Prescott, 5056 N8218J last seen flying for Mega Trade. All are registered to lawyers offices in Montana. 5057 has never been seen.5032 is the only one Lockheed admits building.

Anyone know which aircraft is 41901?

If the pictures do not attach, I\'ll try again.


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Tepper Aviation is a company controlled directly by the CIA.9 It operates

from the Bob Sikes Airport, Florida. The European base is Rhein-Main,

Germany (an U.S. Air Force /NATO military, closed on 30 December

2005). Tepper uses three aircraft belonging to the shell company Rapid

Trans: the Lockheed N2189M, the N4557C and N8183J (see below).

Ohhh those Europeans liberals are so smart, glad they told us this - we would have never guessed this one!! You know it would be nice if these \"human rights watch\" type would actually worry about some of the people killed by the skum that they are so worried about protecting.

Maybe we should start kidnapping and torturing them instead :)


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Yep, it\'s a -30, although I doubt that one of those spook Hercs would be parked out there amongst all the common-use C-130\'s. I\'m sure it heads straight for a hanger when it lands. The way some of them are parked, it looks as if it would take a bit of jockeying to get them out.

Don R.

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You are not the only one. I have been searching for a solution but I haven\'t found a computer with the issue nor have I been able to duplicte it on my home pc. If anyone has a solution, please let me know.

Edit: I just made an adjustment in an attempt to fix the issue. I betting it has not....let me know..

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