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We are looking at painting one of our C-130s (4529) with a \"Vintage\" paint job and I was looking at the \"old\" B model pictures and noticed that several were missing. Is that the result of the \"copyright\" issue a while back? I am specifically looking for a picture of a B model in the LAC 3533 to LAC 3650 range with the Coast Guard orange nose but with an all white tail(?). We want to try and recreate the old-style CG shield shown on that one. I\'d also like the story behind the all-white tail! Oh, and where are those pictures taken? The background is the same for several of the birds but a lot of us that been around can\'t place it...

Thanks for your help!

PS Bob, I would have asked directly but I lost your email address...

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I have a copy of that picture somewhere! Then I need to figure out how to post here.:(

I got it off this site. 3542D is the number. It was the CG 1340.

It sure is odd!

A big thanks to all that keep this site and the picture gallery going.

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There is one story about the white tail but we cannot find another \"senior\" aviator to back it up...The paint job was one of the first to come out of PDM and get the \"new\" racing stripe design from the previous all red nose. The PDM shop (Fairchild) was to paint the aircraft all white and the USCG at Elizabeth City (ARSC) would paint the new design. During the paint job an urgent SAR case came up and the neighboring Air Station had no \"Up\" aircraft. The word came down to strip the masking paper off the aircraft \'cause its going flying! So the stripe was painted and the tail was not...at least not right away!

Like I said, that was back in the \"Old Guard\" and anything was possible back then.

I\'m still trying to figure out where where it\'s sittin\'...:)

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;) I guess I deserved that...

We first thought that the location was Elizabeth City NC but the background buildings were wrong.

One thought was NAS Norfolk because E-City\'s field was frequently closed for low ceilings.

Another thought was Marietta because all the planes would have gone back there at one time or another.

Other guesses have been, Otis AFB, Gander NFLD, St Johns NFLD, NAS Pax River...

We\'ll keep diggin\'

Thanks for playing!

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I remember a post to one of the C130 boards a couple of years ago by someone who was building model C130\'s.

If my memory is correct (which it probably isn\'t), one of the pictures of his model looked very much like this one.

Taken from the right angle, a scale model can be made to look like the real thing.

Maybe someone else can remember the model builder of a few years ago.

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Damn Bob you stole my thunder! :lol: She\'s suppose to be back tomorrow and I\'ll have some new pics of her. I\'ve seen some early previews but the quality is poor (phone-cam). I hope to have some fresh pictures this week! We\'re not putting externals on her as she will be a prototype systems bird for the Aviation Logistics Center (old ARSC).

Senior sends

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