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Old Load trainer


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Way back in '85 I was out at Tucson while we were doing MAFF training and took this photo of an old Coast Guard herk being used as a trainer. It has the number stenciled on the fuselage as 61-2083. But this number doesn't convert in the tail number converter. Does anyone know why or why not?

When I put the tail number converter info together I did not include the USAF assigned tail numbers to aircraft bought for other US military or for foreign military sales. I thought it might be confusing since most of these aircraft never wore USAF numbers. When I get some time, I'll try to input that information.


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Found this information on another web-site


61-2083 Lockheed SC-130B-LM Hercules

Purchased on USAF contract as addendum aircraft specifically for US Coast Guard. Redesignated HC-130G in 1962 and then HC-130B.

2083 (c/n 282-3650) to USCG as 1348. Was surplus to USCG requirements and retained by USAF

This particular C-130 apparently had a close encounter of the 3rd kind with a P3 Orion....................



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Casey, thanks so much for posting the link. When I first decided to look for this old Herk on this site, I had tried to use the tail number converter to find out the Lockheed number. It didn't convert but some of the other guys filled me in on what it was. So I saved the photos and then was thrilled to find out the history behind it. The navigator on board during the air mishap has e mailed me and I certainly hope to hear more from him. It is so enjoyable for me to go back through my old scrapbooks and uncover some history about any of the old birds.

And all of you guys make it so fun to read and view the photos.


PS my avatar photo is Mr. Bean of British Comedy fame

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Original USN designation was R8V-1G, then it became SC-130B, HC-130G, and eventually the 1962 USAF standard of HC-130B Model 282-2B Loc. Ser. 3650 USAF Tail 61-2083

CG 1348

The Military.com site thread also had a black and white photo of the belly damage.

Glad to help!

Also, to Casey...who should I send some production list updates to for USCG airframes?


Dave you can send them to me and I'll update them for the production list. Bob

[email protected]

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