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Netherlands H-model?


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Dear Herk Fan.

The First Dutch C-130H is a update C-130 with digitale cockpit.

On dutch defense site you can find more informatie about.

This is the link;


ps. this a defens news paper.

The second dutch and two C-130H-30 get same upgrade like the C-130H.

I hope that this in enough informatie


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I'm a little lost here. To me, this is a T-model. It's got the old wire antenna, APU and Rosemount pitots. If so, why is the Navy getting rid of them?

I flew many times on this plane when I served as an aircrew member with VQ4 from '88-'91.

The reason the Navy "got rid of it" is because they transitioned to the E6A Heremes/Geko (707 airframe) in 1991.

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Holy smokes, its a small herc world! I was just in St Johns, Newfoundland with these guys. We were there for a mission and they were bringing their first plane home. I got to look around, pretty neat, much better then our H models. But nothing like our J model, sorry legacy guys.;) They were broke while we were there so we had to give them our hanger space but later we all had steak and lobster. Great guys.

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