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Really isn't anything there besides the contactor, GCU and the light assy. You can pull the wire off the terminal board that goes to terminal 2 of the light assy, though I have no idea what aircraft you have, so I can't say what the TB or terminal # is.

ESU-TB5A, terminal 9?

See if the light goes out. If it doesn't, the light assy circuit is bad.

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There is a good chance the PIR(Power Indicator Relay) or the blocking diode going to the PRI is bad. I believe they are both in the generator control panel. I would change the GCP and give it a shot.

Hope this helps. Let us know what you find.

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If the circuit is identical with H model (for the light to remain “off†needs 28v to be delivered from FSR to the GCP) therefore you may have:

1-FSR malfunction.

2-Continuity between FSR and GCP is broken.

What’s up by me!!!!.... “Non senseâ€.

Memory alone misleading. (TSN Exceed 464,000,000)hrs. Apologize.

Back to the books.

Yet book troubleshooting leads only to:

1- ATM Generator Control Panel (GCP).

2- ATM Generator Contactor.

Since both had been changed.We should look for the unusual……. (Defective Wiring)

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