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Sheppard AFB


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The last post about Goodfellow made me think about Sheppard. Here is a rundown on what I had about Sheppard, Any corrections or updates would be appreciated.

Former Sheppard Herks

54-1621 Scrapped, 56-0469 Gun trainer at Hurlburt, 57-0489 LM trainer at Ft Lee VA, 58-0727 Aeromed Trainer at Camp Bullis TX, 61-2364 Fire Dept Trainer at Goodfellow AFB, 64-0500 Scrapped, 64-0557 sunk at Clute TX for divers.

62-1794 was supposed to go to Goodfellow AFB but I have not heard.

New aircraft at Sheppard

61-2370, 61-2372, 63-9812, 64-0520

Aeromed trainer, over by the terminal 53-3131

Fueling trainers, 57-0471, 57-0486, 62-1807 (1807?)

Crew Chief trainers 62-1795, 63-7768, 63-7813, 63-7838, 63-7849, 64-0542, 64-17680

Avionics trainers 61-2361, 61-2371, 62-1790, 62-1812, 72-1298 (1298 was also reported as dumped)

Specialist trainers not complete inside hangars 63-7779 (engines) 64-0535 (electrical)

I think Shepard has more Herks than most Air Forces.

Thanks again for any help.


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Not sure if this helps but these were reported at Sheppard in an aircraft spotting log from November:

C-130A 57-0471 ST USAF read as 57-461

C-130D 57-0486 ST USAF

C-130E 61-2361 USAF

C-130E 61-2370 (314AW) USAF

C-130E 61-2371 USAF

C-130E 62-1790 USAF

C-130E 62-1795 USAF

C-130E 62-1807 ST USAF

C-130E 62-1812 USAF

C-130E 63-7768 USAF

C-130E (63-7779) TO001 USAF no tail

C-130E 63-7813 USAF

C-130E 63-7838 USAF

C-130E 63-7849 USAF

C-130E 64-0535 USAF

C-130E 64-0542 USAF

C-130E 64-17680 USAF

And in a compound near the 80th FTW:

C-130E 61-2372 (314AW) USAF

C-130E 63-9812 (314AW) USAF

C-130E 64-0520 (314AW) USAF

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That covers all I had except 53-3131 that was still located in the Aeromed training area near the civilian terminal last year, 62-1794 which was rumored to have gone to Goodfellow, and 72-1298 that had one report as "on the dump". I wonder if the spotter got to the Aeromed area or down by the old Christmas tree area at the NW approach end where the dump is?



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Hi Tiny

The Google Earth picture is old. Last I heard the gray wingless B 58-0727 and the gray KC-135 were moved to Camp Bullis.

I think the Camo A 53-3131 is still there. I'd appreciate it if someone can check on it.

Also if anyone can get a few pics of 63-9812 that they said is stored in a compound near the 80 FTW it would be helpful.



Here is a pic I took of 3131 at SPS

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Hello Bob,

I and a few others from my maintenance group just visited Sheppard a couple of days ago. The three birds over by the 80th FTW area now are 63-7768, 63-7813, and 63-7849. All three aircraft are slated to be scrapped in the coming months. We were inspecting 7849 to see if we wanted it to convert as an aeromed trainer. She is in great shape, obviously well taken care of.

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3131 was the second production A model, 3129 The first Lady at Eglin Museum, 3130 was broken up for ground tests and never flew.There are no Roman nosed A's preserved that I know of.

I always wondered why Active Duty bases like Travis, Charleston and McGuire that had 130 sqdns based there never preserved one in their museums, air parks. My guess a big MAC little MAC thing. I am sure Langley didn't want one, doesn't fit the fighter mafia image.


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