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Wingless C-130


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I think it's 58-6973, an HC-13B ground trainer. It was probably renumbered after a local squadron, the 341st. At Sheppard, the engine trainer there, 63-7779 has been renamed T001, which kind of looks like "Tool", so assigning vanity registration numbers doesn't surprise me.

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T001 is temporary 001 buildings get power and phones lines airplane don't.

Reminds me of when I was visiting Dyess for a doppler mod with 56 468.

A shop worker didn't see my line badge and called a 7 hi on me.

When the AP,s got there I handed them my badge but they took me in anyway.

When ask where I worked I told the Ac. 6468. After about an hour they told me they couldn't get an answer at 6468.

When we went to leave, starting #,s 1 & 2 the Ap,s pulled up and ask the LM for his clearance. The pilot told him to tell the AP,s it was in the plane and he would have to get it.

When he came inside we closed the door and started taxeing.

The pilot told the tower what was happening and we taxied to the runway and took off.

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must be the time of year for wingless aircraft.the Hudson River miracle bird came through my area two weeks ago on its way to Charlotte. Now why it came this far west, on I-70/68, and then presumably down I-79 way over in West Virginia I ain't got a clue, I don't think they could have picked a more mountainous route. anyway, i saw it, so I guess that's a plus!!!!!!!!!!!

Load clear


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Yep, that is probably the reason. We seem to have a pretty high volume of "superdimensional" traffic through here anymore. But with some of the big mountains they have ascend or descend, it is amazing they don't clobber in somewhere. Just here from the Allegany county line to the Garret County line they have 50 miles or so of mountains. Guess it is better than draggin the top of the load off on an underpass. Those drivers have got some big ones.


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