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HI! Sorry for any worry. Been busy. Beginning of October - Had an accident with the dog that resulted in my eyelid being lacerated to where it was flopping around. It was a looooong day that had begun around 11am and ended at around 8pm. 15 stitches and a lacrimal stent to try to salvage the duct that was lacerated. Some nice gore pics of it here > http://s417.photobucket.com/albums/pp255/FrauleinM/eye%20eye%20capn/ had lots of follow ups. Probably the most petrifying thing in my life. There was a lack of coordination on the ER docs so I was out of morphine when they started on the stitching. Vision is 20/20

Also been using an iPad a lot more. Since that ios4 whatever update - the forums get all wonky and bogged down or safari shuts down completely. I saw however that I was not the only one to experience this.

And holy smokes - there are 293 new posts since last visit.!

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added link to gorey pics
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