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Mack Secord Article


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http://www.macon.com/2012/05/08/2018773/c-130-pilot-sees-plane-for-first.html - I put this in the Video and Image section originally as a response to Chris Shutz' thread about his visit to the Robins Museum but since it's news, it belongs here. I talked to Mack right after the airplane went to Robins and at the time he didn't know if it was the airplane he flew or not. Crawford Ingraham was his engineer and Al Collins from 5th APS at Evreux was second loadmaster. He couldn't remember who his crew loadmaster was. There is an article about the airplane's delivery at www.troopcarrier.org/convention.html. Mack is planning to attend. There's a lot of information about Dragon Rouge in both of my books. Also, this is a link to my page about the mission - www.sammcgowan.com/dragon.html.

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