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Saw these two pics on the Lockheed Flickr site today.

First one said for AETC, I guess the 41AS

The second one said for AMC 61 AS. Is the 61AS now converting to the J? Are they still flying H's?



The 61st just received their first J model yesterday, not sure of the tail number but I can assume it's the bottom picture. The 61st has many J model qualified folks and has been utilizing the 41st's aircraft for all their missions until they start(ed) receiving planes. I would have suspected the new plane for them (61st) to have a green tail flash so I am wondering if this one is a replacement for the FOB Shank accident aircraft that the 41st lost.

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There is a huge reorganization in effect coming within the next year or so. The plan is to go to all J models for active duty and transfer all Hs to the guard/reserve. This will take time of course, years maybe, but it's on the horizon.

(LRAFB ProSup)

That's just happened, right? Does the 50th still "own" theirs, or did they transfer to the ARC (Det 1)? AMC is pretty much out of the H-model business already. Only PACAF remains along with the ARC, ANG & AFSOC.

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I bet the AD still has Nav and FE folks in school for the Herk. Sad... It would be a better idea to ask for already trained FE's and Nav's to return to AD until the H's retire. Would save some money and the hassle...

Sure, after I've been trying for over 4 yrs....they'd come along & make it easy!

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