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Fire extinguishers


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Hello C-130 people,

I am looking for information about fire extinguishers onboard C-130 from other countries (than Sweden)

- What sort of extinguishers are there on your C-130?

- How many are there and where are they placed?

For each type of extinguisher

- Who is the manufacturer?

- Weight of agent?

- Volume extinguisher?

- Pressure?

- What rating does it have?

- approved temperature interval?

I am happy to get information on all or some of the questions?



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My USAF experience: 5 halon 1211 (BCF) fire extinguishers:1 on the flight deck (245 bulkhead) and 4 in the cargo compartment: one on aft 245 bulkhead, 2 on right side (aft of wing), and 1 forward of portside paratroop door.

125 +/-50 psi

All the herks I've seen have 4.

Flight deck, back of 245, left wheel well, and right paratroop door.

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