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Preserved Herks


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Happy New Year to Everyone!

I have been working on a listing with URL addresses and pictures of Herks preserved in Museums or on bases. I have about 75 so far. I could use some help on a few.

USAF 64-0541 was destined for AK Museum, was turned down and stored at Anchorage for a long time. Now AF Museum says it belongs to Elmendorf. Anyone know where it is?

There appears to be a Herk preserved at Konya AB in Turkey, anyone no what tail number or have a pic?

Indonesia C-130B T-1301 is preserved at Bandung, does anyone have a pic?

Canadian C-130E 130328 is in CFB Greenwood Museum, anyone have a pic of it restored and on display?

Tunisia C-130B TS-MTD preserved at Bizerte AB, anyone have a pic?

USAF C-130H 73-1598 at Great Falls ANGB MT, anyone have a pic of it on display?

USAF C-130H86-1391 at Rosecrans ANGB MO, anyone have a pic of it on display?

USN 570461 was supposed to be preserved at China Lake NAS CA. Was it preserved? any pics on display?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give,



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Do you have 0567 from Hulburt, actually there are four of them on display, all in the same park, one gun ship, a Talon, and  I think an updated version of the Talon, and a regular trash hauler. don't know the tail numbers of other three



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The C-130 on display at the front gate of LRAFB is C-130A 56-0518 and it's history is well documented including its brief stint in the VNAF.  57-0461 is at China Lake, but is not a display aircraft.  It is parked just off the aircraft parking ramp of Armitage Field.  It was scheduled to be used for weapons testing.

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Thanks for the replies. Here is what I have:

At Hurlburt 56-0509 AC-130A, 64-0567 MC-130E, 65-0994 MC-130P, 69-6575 AC-130H all in the airpark.

At Little Rock 56-0518 C130A Gate Guard ex South Viet AF, 61-2362 preserved on base, 62-1829 preserved in Jacksonville.

Back in 2000 when USN cut out AVTEL at Mohave, they had three DC-130A's 57-0461, 57-0496, and 57-0497.

57-0497 after a short stint in VX-30 went to AMARG where it is on Display Road. 57-0496 and 57-0461 went to China Lake.

Originally 461 was going to the Museum and 496 was for weapons tests. 496 was  destroyed and 461 has just been sitting there.

I guess it is not going to the Museum?


pic of 496


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