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unofficial world record

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Lockheed said:

Airlift International’s ground crew in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has a right to be proud. On Oct 25, 1967, just 9 minutes after Flight 603 taxied in from New York, it was ready to leave for Miami – an unofficial world record for cargo plane turnaround.

In, that time, the crew unloaded and loaded 44,364 lbs.

Ok… is this THE world record.

Or have you done better?… and want some recognition.

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Well I never timed our off loads but on particular day we did 9 sorties and never raised the gear or flaps. We moved 27 pallets of 175 rounds in 9 sorties from I think Song Be to a dirt strip on the north side of the mountain. After take off check list right into before landing. If my math is correct that was 270,000 lbs. Many time we taxied into ramps. Did speed off loads and plane never stopped moving. Thinking about 3 minutes ground time.  In a civilian situation I would say they broke plenty of safety rules to do that. I managed several FedEx Ramps and we did 30 minutes ground time on thru flights and that was pushing it to the limits. We followed EVERY safety rule to the letter at FedEx.  

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Robert, let me make one more observation. 44K is 22K in and 22 K out. Not big loads. Maybe 5 Pallets.. I am sure they said it was ready to leave for Miami when they locked in the last pallet. 9 minutes is really not that impressive. I bet a bunch of us will agree.  

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