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  1. I was at CCK when the crash occurred. The loadmaster, Frank Wilson was a buddy and ran with our group. The plane hit a mountain in a remote area leaving TPE. I doubt you can get to the site. It was on a mountain side. Any one of us could have been on that crew but were not. We all had one thing in common. We loved to fly and would go anywhere at any time. All of us crew members were Brothers. Good luck to you in finding the location.
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  2. Joe Spigone was in the other section of my nav school class. The other guy from our class that got that CCK assignment was Jeff Speetjens, as I recall. They were both passengers on the airplane that crashed fall of '70, enroute to their first ops assignment. If I'd known anything about anything at the time, I'd have tried hard for the CCK assignment when we made our choices. As it was, I stayed at Mather for NBT.
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  3. I had a good friend Joe Spigone who was a replacement Nav for the 21st
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