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    USAF 01/62 to 01/82. I retired as an instuctor loadmaster on C-130E's and H's and have many hours on A's and B's.
    I started out in acft maintenence working the A/R shop at Sewart AFB,Tn and then crosstrained to be a loadmaster in 64...just in time for the Tonkin Gulf blow up. converted from student to phase l qualified in between Clark and Thiland and Vietnam. I was assigned to the 62nd TCS then...
    I started my flying career in the 62nd and retired from the 62nd at Little Rock in 82.
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    Copperas Cove, Tx
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  1. As I was told, there was a full load of jumper from the 101st at Campbell and two LM, one in front and one in the rear. the LM in front acted like he was using an airsick bag but instead filled it with cream of mushroom soup from the galley of the B model. He then had the jumpers pass the bag, warm of course, to the rear to the other LM and when he got it, he opened the bag and drank the contents....the results was a cancelled drop and a quick landing with a firetruck standing by to wash out the acft. This was in the 60's some time but that is a close as I can get. Never knew for sure if the story was true or not but having been a LM for as many years as I have.....we are a crazy bunch and are likely to do most any thing to brighton up the day.
  2. Ok Mr. Daley...what is the latest word on a reunion of the 37th. I can't think of anything I would more like to do than that. If one is scheduled, Please let me know as I plan to be there no matter where it is held. The 37th assignment was probaly the best one I ever had and the people there were some of the very best. I am proud of my time in the Squadron and would really like to see and hear from anyone that was there with me.
  3. The "A" model was originally designed to have 4 large pylon tanks like the E model but the stress on the wing was so great and the weight was enough to put the acft overweight. the tanks were never put on but a look at the fuel panel will tell the tale. There are switches for external tank to engine but no tank. Switching the valve to Ext tank to eng will cause a promp flameout of the engine..found that out in Buenos Aires..wanted to spend the nite..and did. The two 325 Gal pylon tanks were an add on that just bearly gave you an hour of extra flying time and no tactical landing work could be done if there was any fuel in the tanks. The A model fuel panel is one confusing panel until you work with it a while. If you ignore the external tank to engine switches and just use the crossfeeds , you will be ok and someone thought that the acft had not bladders in the tanks and they were right. Only the gunship versions had the bladders or foam in the tanks.
  4. The pylon tanks held 320 gallons of fuel each and had to be the first thing emptied upon take off. There were no Aux tanks , that came with the B model The flt deck fuel panel was designed with 4 external tank to engine valve knobs for tanks like the E model has but the weight and drag prohibited their use so you had external tank to engine valves on the panel and in the wing and let me tell ya, if you turned one to external tank to engine, the internal tank valves closed and the engine flamed out,...had a real nice stay in Argentina with that one. An add on panel was placed at the rear of the overhead panels that controled the fuel pumps in the pylon tanks with lights that told when the pumps were on and when the tank was empty. The fuel was pumped into the crossfeed manifold and the FE just opened all the crossfeeds.
  5. The pole from the flt deck to the crew door was an emergency exit tool to exit the flight deck in a hurry when on the ground during emergencies but most of us just used it as a quick way out of the flt deck to the cargo compt,.
  6. One old FE from the 37th was Tom (Luke) Lukken. He lives in Arkansas now and is just as full of P & V as ever. try contacting him at [email protected]
  7. How about a picture of the whole 37th squadron...would that be of any use??
  8. I would be interested in a reunion of the 37th. I was a loadmaster assigned from 73 to 76 when the wing broke up. I was the Loadmaster on the bird that came off Blackstone and lost all elec power and made it back on the battery. I am John Harris, then a TSgt now Msgt/ Ret. I have been looking to reconnect with the people of the 37th for years. I know that John Gossner is living in Va and Jodab McHale is in San Antonio. Please let me know if the reunion comes about as I would like to be there. contact me at [email protected]
  9. This, by far, one of the best memorials I have ever seen for those of us that were in Viet Nam and for those that didn\'t come home.. Thank you for this...and please excuse the tears..
  10. tristar


    Ah yes...the pit.. I rememeber it well...had to watch out for the MP\'s but the view was great. Spent two tdy tours at FRF while assigned to the 37th when it was still at Langley. I,too, miss the guys, the airplane, the job, a Loadmaster. We had such fun and games...the trouble caused by the cap pistols you could get at Lenos in Avanto, Italy. The Turkey Trot\'s we flew. I had nearly as many stick hours as our green co-pilot. The memories are still there and my old AC is living in Virginia and my Nav is just south of me in San Antonio. Shore have a great need to go visit, remember the days.. Oh well....no one wants a 64 yr old Loadmaster that can barely remember how to fill out a form F...........LOL........John/tristar
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