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  1. We just delivered 63-7848 to AMARG. Afterwards, we received a pretty cool tour of the boneyard. There is what appears to be a MC-130E with Idaho ANG markings on it. Does anyone have any info? Sorry, no tail number.

    That would be Tripple Nickle 64-0555.Apparently put into retirement with a fresh paint job.

    Engine Mike

  2. I might have the date in my notes somewhere, but there was a similar incident in '91 or '92 involving a Little Rock bird. As I recall, it was involved in a hard landing at the All-American Drop zone (Camp Robinson?). As the airplane rotated off, the right aft strut came apart. The airplane landed back at LR, and the wheel folded under the fuselage. You could stand in the cargo compartment and see the ground thru the hole it created.

    I remember that incident. Pretty cool landing.

    Engine Mike

  3. Jail for protecting the rights of the family against the goons who are protesting would be ironic. Best of Luck, wish I could be there to stand shoulder to shoulder in the defense against these protest at a time of a family's grief.

    Join in and Be Heard,

    Engine Mike

  4. I wonder why 53-3131 isn't on its way to a museum instead of being used as a trainer. I would think that it being a rare Roman Nosed Herc that it should be in a museum. We have plenty of C-130E's sitting in the bone yard that could relieve it as a trainer.

    Engine Mike

  5. Cannon does not have Talons.


    THey do have the Wombat...... eeerrrr I mean Combat Spear and Dragon Spear. Oh and the AC-130H's and coming soon the MC-130J (well not too soon, but soon enough).

    Engine Mike

  6. That's what I have been going to ask about!! Where can I get one? I tried to get one (without stealing one) for 33 months overseas, and never got the job done!! I was thinking about checking the auction sites!! Any ideas???


    Just wondering if 62-1804 at The Rock still has them! Those are the ones I want!!!----hint, hint!!!

    Ebay has had them very once in a while.

    Engine Mike

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