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  1. Hopefully one day the old reliable 0555 in european camo with whiskers and wires but before refuel pods. Thats the way I remember the ol girl before leaving Rhein Main in 87. Too bad the AF is going to further demod her for the Boise ANG.. Wish she would have been put on display before they got to her and make her into a glorified slick. Engine Mike
  2. It would still be a sad way for a warrior like the Talon to be utilized, but I guess it beats wasting away on the ramp in california......... Someone needs to come to the senses and keep the Talons operational for their intended mission and smack the bean counters upside the head and let them come to the realization that they are not your run of the mill e-model. Join in and Be Heard, Mike
  3. If I remember right they were actually AC-130E's at that point. Wonder if the bean counters ever found out they weren't actually H's that they would lump them in with the rest of the E's they are so despirately trying to get rid of....... MC-130E's come to mind. Join in and Be Heard, Engine Mike
  4. Looks like they have painted her sice I last saw her in 2005. She\'s an awesome sight. Mike B)
  5. Well you know with such a time tested airframe as the MC-130E you got to keep it in the fight. Need to somehow drop the E so the bean counters will stop lumping it into the category with the rst of the E\'s. The AC-130H\'s are actually E\'s but everyone forgets about it because they are labeled as H\'s. The Talon 1\'s have the upgrades to, but can\'t call them MC-130H\'s that reserved for those other Talons. Talon 1\'s rule........ Engine Mike B)
  6. Shouldn\'t be too many to cut up top as they are getting towards retirement. Congress and the fighter generals have been purging the middle tier for years. Just finishing off the purge of experienced maintainers to save money for new airplanes. Engine Mike :S
  7. Herkeng, Well said. Stand up there and take another bow. Now will the real AFSOC step forward, Engine Mike:woohoo:
  8. Just glad a True AFSOC mind is going to be in charge. Maybe the dilution of AFSOC will finally end. Engine MikeB)
  9. KC-130F\'s don\'t have external tanks. Engine MikeB)
  10. Casey, Keep up all the great work. Engine Mike
  11. If I remeber right the picture was taken at Moody AFB about 2003-2004 time frame, it was a posed picture on one of the HH-60G\'s on the ramp of the 41st RQS. Engine Mike B)
  12. They did a lot of the work up at Crestview in 2006 before sending it out west. Engine Mike
  13. Good thing Boeing lost. I think they have gotten into too many programs and have done a poor job once they got a contract........ Now they need to get their heads on straight. Engine Mike
  14. The whole time I was around those blasted adapters they were all local manufactured, everywhere I went they were a little different. Then one day they all disappeared. Last I knew they did away from them in favor of the lorrain cranes. Engine Mike
  15. Mr Roberson retired from his stint at Hurlburt Field, which he did after leaving Moody. If you send me your e-mail to [email protected], I\'ll send you his current e-mail address. Engine Mike B)
  16. :ohmy: Glad to hear you made it over to HerkyBirds. Its always good to hear your side even when it\'s not what we expect to hear. But then again, like the air force, everything makes full circle. The center wing box issues are making their way back to the forfront. Hopefully we aren\'t buying the same ol problem to plague future maintainers. Engine Mike
  17. Just curious di anyone remember to invite RZ? The Herk world would not be the same without him. Also hope Jenga has found her way over to the new site. Engine Mike B)
  18. B) Blocked, chocked, and bedded town. Great changes. Casey you out did yourself. Engine Mike
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