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  1. I would have to agree this seems to be a placebo discrepancy. A "feeling" is not a discrepancy, especially when it spans 3 different systems. Unless they have indication such as low system pressure on the gauges, or flickering low pressure lights, I would have to say this is a CND, especially if there are no issues in the rigging or hydraulic system. I understand the word of pilots is the same as god, twice I have had to deal with issues on flight controls that didn't feel "right". Went up on a red ball and had the pilot tell me that "when I move the rudder normally, there is no issue...but when I try to move it fast I get a lot of resistance" After me trying to explain it is not meant to be moved "Fast" and it is only #6 lines running the pack and the whole diverter system...he refused the acft. Second was a write up that stated "2 hours into flight moving ailerons felt like loss of power steering." After 8 hours of checking rigging, pressures, even hanging off the ailerons while someone moved them, it struck me that most likely the pilot was fighting the autopilot servo motor and not fighting it long enough for it to disconnect. Production agreed but still made me change the pack to keep "crew confidence" intact.
  2. What exactly are you asking? Are you asking if you can use Mk4 antiskid with steel multidisk brakes? If so, J's have been doing it for years.
  3. Before all the Ops guys start a MX bashing fest, I'm gonna leave this right here. This was last year at Bagram, from an FE with over a 1000 hours. Got called out when they landed, tried to talk to the FE, and he just handed me the forms. I read that and asked him if he was serious, and he smugly replied, is there a problem? For which I responded that he was a fucking idiot, then left the plane to go order a pressure reducer. Stuff like that makes me not want to fly with some of you guys. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4333[/ATTACH]
  4. Tires are the same p/n As far as the shuttle valve and and bleeders, I know it was brought up to the engineers about going back to the legacy setup to save money and do away with the quick disconnects, but they said no. Even though we aren't able to use the Quick Disconnects as they were advertised because they say that let .2CC of air into the system when you connect them and that is what is causing the creep issue, although 3,000 PSI is 3,000 PSI regardless if its hydro, air, or unicorn piss. And there is no real way to do an anti-skid ops check or pressure check with the bleeders that come with the carbon brakes since the 3-4 union doesn't fit the new bleeders, so we have to put the legacy fittings in the new brake just to do an ops check. The brake is good, but it has a few flaws that the engineers don't want to admit.
  5. Yes they held fine after getting some heat in them, but that is all carbon brakes in any application, be it aerospace or automotive.
  6. Don't quote me, but when they were validating the carbon brakes on J's they dide some high speed taxis while dragging the brakes and got them up above 300. I was reading a 22 that wanted to put a note in the 32JG-40 that if the carbon brakes are removed to FOM that a brake bleed wasn't required due to the quick disconnects. They turned it down saying the QD's allowed .20 cc's of air into the brake thus causing issues with creep.
  7. There was a Maintenance Advisory put out about creep with the carbon brakes. I was with them during the J-model validation during their creep tests. A J with 4 to the wall simply overpowered the brakes and the plane could easily roll forward about 30 feet at a quick walking pace. As far as legacy's i want to say the advisory stated to expect up to 1 foot/sec creep. The problem is while carbon brakes are great, when they are cold, they can't hold much, but once you get some heat in them they grab like no other.
  8. This is the best mod I could have hoped to happen to 1806...hated that plane [ATTACH=CONFIG]3981[/ATTACH]
  9. Not sure where you got 6 years from. We only started updating our H's in the summer of 2012. And the whole 10 year thing was some really good kool-aid. The wear is leaps and bounds above the legacy brakes, but know where near 10 year lifespan unless you are talking about the Colorado springs birds that get maybe 400 hours a years. As far as numbers, I know in bagram the first one we changed had 1300 Full stop landings on it, and that plane was sent to the desert right after it was modded
  10. This should work. Its a computer simulation of all the systems through schematics and diagrams. Its old but should work. http://sdrv.ms/1jd6F51
  11. Sounds like your normal brake control valve isn't working. When switching from normal to emergency, do you hear a loud clunking sound from the spool in the normal brake c/v slamming closed? When you switch from one system to another, in this case, normal to emergency, the normal brake c/v energizes and closes preventing fluid from going to your metering valve and out to your brakes. But since you have changed it, have you shot power? As far as it bleeding down to 2700psi, that could be normal ops, there is a valve seating period, i want to say you wait 10 minutes after killing pressure, and then see how far it drops in the next 10 minutes. I'd have to check the book on that one.
  12. That doesn't sound like a hydraulic problem. To rule out hydraulics, use the manual knob and handle in flight with pressure coming from the aux pump. It sounds like an electrical problem, check the terminals on the back of the control panel, the relays up above the left paratroop door. Also check the wiring coming from the ramp position switch running down the longeron, we had some get damaged from crews throwing the chocks up in the ribs, and it would make the ramp do funny things
  13. What is the manufacturer of the manifold? If its a Steerer its normal system ops
  14. Well you can thank the hydro troop in red section at Little Rock for the paratroop door having to be closed.She somehow fell out of the plane during a tow while hand pumping
  15. As for the cause I don't know. We got over here a just before it happened. It ran off the runway, collapsed the right gear and there it sits. One of the AR guys with us went down there to help get the tail off. Love the Army mentality, got a guy in a fall harness hanging from a crane to cut some holes about 3/4 the way up the vertical stab, then made some cuts at the base so an MRAP could pull it over so they could open up the runway. Tried getting on a mission to cann some parts from it, but higher ups thought it would be better to wait 7 days for them to come from the states.
  16. We are in the process of modding all our h1's and h3's now.
  17. Ya this was a blue tail that we got custody of and I have been working with good ol legere who I went to tech school with. I just got thrown on this problem in the middle of the tiger team. The problem is in flight when they goto the ADS position they won't get a light in the flight deck. Loads noticed they weren't getting the flag on the right side uplock. We can't reproduce it on the ground. We got everything rigged but the. We weren't getting our 108.5 in clearence between the door and ramp. They pulled the door and the bushings in he hinges were good but they found that the left stub on the door that goes into the uplock was bent slightly. That was repaired and now we are waiting on at to rig eveything again. Reason I'm trying to find the IPB or schematic is production seems to think we have a bad flow restrictor even though I have argued till I'm blue in he face that it is working fine. We'll see what happens after it is rigged again
  18. Ya thats all the same info we are getting, but we can't find any data on the JC mod. If i had an IPB for the door system on a JC I would be set.
  19. We have aircraft 61-2358 that we are troubleshooting a door problem. It had been modded with dual door actuators. After some diggin we discovered this aircraft was modded to a jc-130. Does anyone know who I can get in touch with to get some hydraulic schematics for this mod or a parts breakdown to confirm that part numbers for some flow restrictors that are currently installed. We have been going off of the MC-130 breakdowns but the pipping doesn't match what is actually in the aircraft.
  20. Im tdy right now and dont have access to the books and my memory is rusty. How much will a brake fuse flow before it closes? it says 10 cu in on the fuse it self, but thats like 160cc and seems high. I thought i remember reading it was 25 or 50, but i forgot since it never really comes up.
  21. Cool, to late though. We had a plane in the desert that the exact one your talking about started leaking, but we got the number from afets
  22. Does anyone have any references or part numbers for these things? I did a quick search in the 223 and didn't come up with anything, but I know i've seen them before.
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