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    Retrained in Jan-Mar 69 at Sheppard into the Loadmaster carrier field. Next to Langley May 69-Dec 70 on C130E, McChord Jan - Sept 71 on C141A, Elmendorf Sept 71-Oct 73 on C130A/D/D6.
    Cross trained into NAVAIDS maintenance in 74. Retired in 86.
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  1. So it was delivered 10 years BEFORE the Wright Brothers fist powered flight.
  2. Got to Langley in May 69, freshly retrained Loadmaster. In the 4th Aerial Port squadron. Flying with both the 36th and 37th. The 36th ramp was on the west ramp by the large hanger. The 37th was east ramp by the old original hangers. Also there was a C-123 squadron there for a while (mosquito control spraying). Went on rotation with the 36th in Nov 69 to Feb 70 at Rhine Main. In March 70 transferred to the 36th. Then upgraded to instructor. Rotation again in Aug to Oct 70. PCSed at the end of the year to McChord AFB and C-141's.
  3. Those of us living in Washington State call it "The Other Washington".
  4. Hercinherit, I would like a copy also. My email is [email protected] Thanks Rob Staples
  5. Also caught the 737 type difference. The new MAX has the larger seating size. Typical an airplane is an airplane though process for the average TV viewer.
  6. As a Loadmaster, my understanding was that chaining prevented the struts from moving outward.The wedges in the gear tract would prevent the gear from going up. This is my 44 year old memory.
  7. Only could see the top of it. I was getting a instructor check ride on CDS. We followed the check list, somehow the release was fired and none of us found this. It rolled out perfectly, straight to the ground. I did pass the check ride.
  8. I was at Elmendorf AFB from 71 to 74 we had 57-0484 to 57-0495 with the 3 bladed props. Also 4 other A models with 3 bladed props.
  9. I see that the ski models were left out. The Air Force acquired 12 A models with skies in the 1957 budget. These were designated D model. The tail numbers were 0484 to 0495. After the DEW Line was finished in Greenland 6 had the skies and fairings removed. However the hydraulics, plumbing and wiring for the skis was retained. These were designated D-6. They were tail numbers 0484 to 0489. All 12 continued to fly from Elmendorf AFB, AK, along with 4 A models. The ski equipped planes were not used on the gravel strips the other 10 aircraft assigned to the 17 TAS had that mission. I was assigned to the 17 TAS in 1971 and left in 1973.
  10. He was in the 36th. I got to Langley in May 69. Had cross-trained into the Loadmaster field and assigned to the 4th Aerial Port, flying with the 36th, 37th. On the Nov-Feb rotation to Rhein-Main I was a volunteer from Aerial Port. He was a great pilot and leader. We were all over Europe.
  11. I was his loadmaster on 2 rotations to Delta Squadron (Nov 69 to Feb 70 and Sept to Nov 70). I enjoyed the flying in Europe during those times. Every so often I have though about where the other members of that crew were. I remember him very well.
  12. Did you get the license number of that airplane for the accident report. Each C130 of the 153rd, Wyoming ANG has a Wyoming vehicle license plate. It is displayed in the lower pilots window. The state legislature authorized these a few years ago. I talked to a crew member at an air show in the spring and found this out.
  13. Try getting a weight of an Army truck after it has been in the field for a few weeks. There is a faded chalk marking of its weight when it was weighed before it went to the field. That was when it was loaded and clean. Now it is reloaded and covered in mud. Also rotations with the E model, fuel and equipment took us to near max. Then add the crew, passengers and baggage. Still on the ground at 5,000 down the runway on takeoff.
  14. If you shorten the search to: http://www.nmusafvirtualtour.com/media/062 You can get to the parent directory where you can see the rest of the inside of the airplane.
  15. The Form F ALWAYS said that we were under 155K on the E model. On rotations we were much heavier than that. Also the FE's I flew with would always add a few thouand pounds to the weight I would give them to compute take off data.
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