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    Crew Chief A Section 314th OMS, Scanner 16th TATS, Little Rock AFB (75-80)
    Crew Chief A Section 463rd OMS, FE 772nd TAS, Dyess AFB (82-86)
    FE 8th SOS, 1st SOW, Hurlburt Field MC-130E (86-92)
    FE 353rd SOW/SOG, 1st SOS, 17th SOS, 353rd OSS, Kadena AB MC-130E & H, H-130 P & N (92-98)
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    Bella Vista AR & Makaha HI
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  1. Heavy Chain was much more than testing.
  2. T001 is temporary 001 buildings get power and phones lines airplane don't.
  3. Les is a member here, and the last I heard he was working at the Sim. Rich
  4. RClark

    Pubs Bag

    Sporty's pilot shop
  5. Happy Holidays & Happy 2011! Rich & Kathy Clark
  6. Reading about the Combat Talons going to the boneyard got me to thinking and reminiscing. Anyone that has set foot on a Herk knows that each one has its own personality. The MC-130Es are no different; each one has a unique and often quirky personality. The MC-130Es also had an attitude. This attitude grew from many years of overuse and abuse. The crews that drove these chariots pushed them to their limits (and beyond) every chance they had, not just for the thrill, but in preparation for what might come next. Many of us have chosen to retire to places that are warm and sunny. I hope the
  7. Turkey buzzard through center window 86 Red Flag. Blood, guts, feathers, glass all over the cockpit, beak and head in 245.
  8. Congratulations and enjoy the afterlife my friend. Rich
  9. Norty is the first 130 driver to be chief of staff.
  10. I tried to uploaded an oval 8th patch into my album several times but sadly all attempts failed. This link will download the patch http://web.me.com/rnkc/filechute/vvv19.jpg Rich sends...
  11. I agree with Skip they both look great. Here is a link that shows the eye brow bumps. http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/michael_block/mc-130e_combat_talon_i/index.php?Page=1 Rich sends...
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