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  1. Sometimes techniques are bad, but then again. Old A mod. prob. B/F #3 eng. start the ATM would drop off line, by depressing the hot day start and going to reset on the A/C gen everything came back. Doing an end around the RCR. Not a common practice but got you going with bad guys comming over the fence. Steve
  2. The acft. was 88-04408. I considered this my acft. C-130H2, I was the FE when we flew it from Lockheed Ga. to the Milwaukee 440th AW with only six test flt. hrs., it smelled like a new car inside.
  3. The C-130A model had pylons, rule of thumb on preflt. for proper distribution was 617( why 617? because that was the capacty) more in outbds. than inbd. On in flt. use the main tank cap. had to be below I believe 5800# before the flow could start. If flow could not be established activate the leading edge de-ice for possible ice in fuel line from the pylon. The 3 pylon switches were above the engrs. head. 2 for pump on and 1 for flow. Steve
  4. www.usaveteranproducts.com e-mail; [email protected] They can make what you want. Steve
  5. Could never find this guy, Stan Eval.!!
  6. All, This came across my desk today from the chairman of the Caribou Association He is looking for a 1967 or 1968 Tactical Airdrome Directory (TAS). Please let me know. Steve Haigler
  7. Drove my 63 Riv. to the Vets home and hospital all makes car show in King Wi Sun. May 17, beautiful day good displays (at least 100 cars) and plenty of brats and music from the Glen Miller era. Good camaradrie nice helpful people. Vets on bikes made their thunderous entrance,very impressive.
  8. Thanks for straighting me out its been awhile. Steve H.
  9. It was standard ops. for the inverters to be in the -1 config. for eng. start. Failure during start the Engr. could reach up and swich to the bus position and save the start. The operation of this switch was critical and you can go to an electrical schematic to verify this, that improper movement of this switch could induce two sources of 110 voltage to the attitude indicators. I know of an FAA guy that burned the pilots and co-pilots indicators.
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