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  1. Last time I spoke with Dave, his wife was writing his emails as he had severe loss of sight. This is why his drawings used in Lars Olausson's later books were not as detailed as in the earlier ones. Dave donated his originals to the air force museum and both him and his drawings were flown to W-P in the same C-130 who's serial number he used on almost all his drawings. The aircraft was broken up in 2010. Bob M
  2. Bob and Fritz, That is 56-0484 and was in the Minden yard before HVF dragged it out for shredding. IAR got the engines. Not sure of the exact date, but it would have been close to October 2011. Wombat
  3. This would be correct if the booster was designed and installed on B model and on, but the A model has a different hydraulic system. The A model uses engines 1 and 3 for booster and 2 and 4 for utility. As the A was the first model, the left to left and right to right idea doesn't seem to be sensible. On the A model each filter is supplied by one pump on each wing. Logic being that if you shut both outboard engines down, you still have one pump for each system. Both reservoirs are on the right side and interconnected so hydraulic fluid returning from flight controls and flaps can return to the relevant reservoir then overflow back into the emergency reservoir when the booster and utility reservoirs are full. The A model only looks like a Herc, the similarity just about ends there...........
  4. Thanks to everyone who responded and bought some parts I had for sale. Unfortunately no more parts are available.
  5. Bob D, IAR have just finished their inspection and ground runs of 0008 but I am not yet aware of a successfull offer having been made yet. I'll keep you posted as thing progress. Wombat
  6. The winged 'roo is the older Qantas Imperial Airways one, not the type we zapped visiting aircraft with. Maybe someone from QAL zapped that one.
  7. 56-0523 is now sitting derelict in Tucson and will be broken up later this year. It missed the recent 13 aircraft shred we did mid-2010. Bob M
  8. 62-1804 was the first stored C-130 to not have a PCN allocated. If you need a storage pic let me know and I'll send you one. Bob M
  9. Have you tried seeing what happens with airflow in Aux Vent? If you hook a cart up to the intake and run Aux Vent and still have no airflow, the check valve flapper could is probably hanging up on the inside of the ducting. It won't necessarily show when you pull the ducts but might still hang up when they are bolted back together due to some minor misalignment. It doesn't take much for the flapper to hang up!!
  10. Wombat


    I had a discussion some years ago with a retired Ham STd engineer who was on the propellor design team and he was teling me the Curtiss Electrics used solenoids to control pitch changes which then caused either too much or not enough pitch when they shifted. This was causing the aircraft to wander around somewhat. The AeroProducts was purely hydraulic and therefore more precise when changing pitch. He also said that Ham Std went to the wall to get the prop contract for the B model and had they lost the contest, they would have folded and the Herc would have been running the 4 bladed AreoProducts similar to the Electra prop. Lockheed tested 4 different prop configurations before settling on the Ham Std now in use.
  11. Does anyone know where I can obtain the dash 4 for the EC-130Q, late series with APU? I mainly need what is peculiar to Navy systems, such as instruments and electrical,not necessarily the TACAMO specific items. Any help appreciated. Bob M
  12. I have one too that will look nice on my brand-new-never-installed pilot's control yoke :-) I have been trying to find someone to make copies but the last price I had was around $200 a piece based on an order of 100. An poor quality imitation was sold on e-bay last year for about $30. The seller insisted mine is a fake and his was real. Mine still has Mr Lockheed's brown paper stuck to the back. Mine was from 3216, the last Aussie A model.
  13. Thanks to everyone who sent info on the TO's I was looking for. I'll check out the locations and see what comes up. Bob M
  14. Thanks for the info. Where can that TO be found? I have seen references to it before but have not been able to get a look at what is in it. So far I have relied on 30+ years on Hercs, A, E and H plus some ex-Boneyard B's and that has worked fine. Now we are looking at shredding 4-5 of our A models and want to keep the end user happy that we pulled the CW "by the book". Bob M
  15. Does anyone know where I can get a copy ( scanned or pdf ) of the T.O.s used for removal of major airframe structures? We are looking at removing the center wing box, vertical and horizontals from 1-2 stored A models before we shred some more airframes. I need the T.O. so the end user can be satisfied that the parts were removed IAW the T.O.'s. The dash 3 helps a little but the end user wants the real thing. I have pulled these items before but for ground use not return to flight use. I have tried the Tinker site but no luck. Bob M.
  16. No worries Mike, I'm just waiting for it to be moved to where I can get some close ups. A long distance pic from last weekend confirmed the a/c is here at D-M and waiting to be stored along with the 2 MC's here as well. Bob M
  17. You can check the site anytime. They were loaded some time back along with with a rough graphic of what the flightpath was. For interest, the crew were around 170ft BELOW runway level when they regained control. The runway sits in high ground next to a river. The left seater, Bob Brown, said he was looking up at the roofs of the houses just before passing overtop. It was interesting to see a C-141 disappear below the tree line then reappear 1/2 mile away slowly climbing. Unfortunately the pilot who took control passed away about 4 years ago. I believe Bob Brown was doing his check ride at the time!
  18. What system is the part for? I can't locate that number in my J parts list and it isn't in the H book either. Bob M
  19. Try calling Don Howell of Haveco in Tucson. His e-mail is: [email protected], phone number : (520)940-1778. He is the sales manager for National Aircraft. We still have several 707/720 series horizontal stabs and I checked them today. We have two full sets of hinge fittings (both halves) but the may need bearings. Aside from that, they look pretty good. Our elevators are -1 and -2 but the IPC shows the hinge fittings as the same PNo. Bob M You can also contact me via e-mail at: [email protected]
  20. All the pix i have of J models show the ladder fittings as still there. If you think the side ladder is scary, try the leading edge ladder that straddles the fin root fillet fairing. It's used for replacing the HF long wires on the leading edge. Bob M
  21. The exit "cat's eyes" were tritium. They idea was that if you were in the dark you reach for the glowing marker and you'd find the release handle. After we had a marker stolen, I had one checked by a lab. Their reply was that the stainless steel wafer the tritium is painted on will do more harm that the tritium. We have dismantled quite a few A and B models in Tucson and have not yet found any DU counterweights. I notice though that several C-130's now in storage have unpainted elevator tip weights. Maybe cad plated or tungsten? DU looks like carbon when oxidized and is usually stamped for ID purposes.
  22. Jerry, I was on the Richmond ramp at the time and also on the parts pickup crew that went off base to retrieve whatever we could find. I have supplied some up-dated info and pictures to Mike Novack for the C-141 Heaven site. I have also recently received a copy of the log book entry from the Herc pilot, Eric Lundberg. Bob M
  23. Oops, Error in chair :-(
  24. Boeing was also studying removing the horizontal for a tail-less transport program . Wonder how that would work for a short field take off?
  25. There is still one complete C-141 waaay down the back of AMARG in the battle damage area, Area 28. It doesn't look like it has been demiled yet either. The other one that is seen from the bus tour is 64-0614, the one which survived the double assymetric engine failure on takeoff in 1977. There is a group of former C-141 guys out of Cailfornia thrying to obtain the forward fuselage from the wheel wells foward to set up as a memorial for those who flew the C-141.
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