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  1. Yeah, Dave. That be the one. Remember the yellow scab patch as you make your way up the door that said "That shit will buff out!"? :)
  2. I googled that company. They have jobs open! Too bad I have 6 more years and none of those certs. :(
  3. SergF


    All called P's now. As for MC's in the -1 where TCTO's are listed it breaks down which are N(69-58xx series), and which are P(the rest). In the 1-1 it matters as far as certain speeds(fulton or slick nose). That's all I got.
  4. I'm up for donating some of my crumbs and also my personal time.
  5. I heard rumor from someone stationed at DM that she is making a come back as an EC again. When I was at Moldy Hole she was affectionetely named Timmy after the kid from South Park because of all the problems it would have.
  6. SergF

    New Eng!

    Nah, he got HH-60's at DM.
  7. That's going on the facebook. Hmm, I wonder if there is a way to add "like" buttons on posts?
  8. SergF

    New Eng!

    Congrats Dave! Just saw Wilkes put his wings on on Friday. He was pretty stoked. I just finished the block one book last night and filling out flash cards. Couldn't get to sleep until after 2300. Everytime I rolled over it was like info was just bouncing around my head trying to get out.
  9. SergF

    Chow Halls

    Toss up between BMT and Camp Victory. I would just say Baghdad, but there is like ten(exageration) chow halls there. Wait, definetly Baghdad. Tripple chocolate cheesecake! :p
  10. I choked on my Mtn Dew a little bit. That was great! :D
  11. Ha ha! 5828 will make you loads in per diem. Dave, we did the swap with Kadena and had a loaner from Eglin. 5823(JUNK!)
  12. Thanks. Did that sound like a normal config for the time then?
  13. I took the kids to the air park on Hurby last night and noticed some different things and just wanted to ask about them. I didn't really get to take it all in since I was trying to make sure they didn't run out into the street(they're 2 & 3). I want to say that it's a '58. First thing I noticed were the landing lights. They were extended from the flap well instead of the leading edge. The second was the safety valve is top and center on the cargo door. Last were the outer wing pylons. Just wanting to satisfy mine and my son's curiosity. Thanks.
  14. CB, wasn't that one yours when you were here as well?
  15. Umm... Wow, that totally sounds like how fuel problems still go down over here today. The price of being a tenant unit I guess.
  16. Pre-set trail got me. What was up with that 3 system question?! I can't believe I fell for that one! :mad: Fun quiz though.
  17. How many Talon I's are there left? From Wiki I can only figure 10. You'd think with all the acft museums available, they would be able to find a place for them instead tucked away in the desert. Maybe it's just me, but I hate seeing acft retire.
  18. Everyone could use some mind numbing action movies now and again. No matter how ridiculous some of it is. As a kid I thought the A-team rocked. I would go see it for the Herk as well. I too am wondering how they got all the lights on, and I'm also wondering when Hannibal became an Irishman. :confused:
  19. I remember there being an old post about this. I wonder if there is a way to do a search in the forum for it. :confused:
  20. What I was taught in advanced systems was that the old ones were an element type that would overheat or something similar, and what ever melted exited the detector and entered the compressor like little ball bearings. I don't know the extent of that damage that occured. Like I said, I learned this in FTD, sooo.... I would research it more. You can contact the instructors at the Rolls Royce school. I'm sure they will know. I'll get you the e-mails when I get back from work.
  21. I took a look at the two connections on the cargo door yesterday. I couldn't find a part number, but they look the same as ADF connections. Inside the cargo door there is an access panel that looks like it may have had some sort of control box inside of it. Does anyone have the (H)H-4? Maybe it's in there.
  22. Anyone have any idea which guard units have opened positions up to active duty? Just looking to see what to put on the "dream sheet". Thanks.
  23. Hey Cajun, who might you be? I was there for 502 taking a dip. I wasn't on that TDY though. I was the tall brown feller in the apg flight. I had an FE bust my horns over the bump stops on the aft nlg doors. Even after showing him the JG he wouldn't go for it. I went and broke torque on the jam nuts and he flipped and said I need to put the nose in the air. I walked away after that. Same douche made me change nlg tires for a sidwall cut that wasn't even to the fabric cord yet. Sorry. I went on a tangent.
  24. They are finally putting 935 to rest? I remember picking up 502 from depot a few years back and the depot mx guys giving me all the life support equipment to take back saying that they condemed her. I think that's the same one we replaced fs 737 because the crew slapped it's skid plate on the runway. Sad to hear about any of them being put down.
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