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  1. I think the C-27 is in the offering because the DOD got them and now wants rid of them. My friend thinks the jets are a mistake, especially the wide bodies. If one goes in it would be really bad. The turn around time for each drop is too slow.
  2. The C-27 can't carry as much weight (about 5,000 lbs less) but can operate from fields the Bae 146 can't.
  3. I've got a friend that's retired from the USFS and he keeps me up to date on fires and the tankers. The C-27J would make a good tanker. The retardant drop air speed is pretty low (130 KIAS).
  4. It was probably a Bae 146. http://www.mindenair.net/minden/BAE-146.html
  5. Nothing like having to wear a reflective belt while doing a preflight out next to the wire.
  6. IIRC it was CMS Chick Anderson (22nd AF) that told me the only way a static prop can hurt you with out bleed air is to fall on you. I remember someone tried to keep the FEs from walking between the inboard props and the fuselage. It was pointed out a change to the - 1 would have to be done. That ended it.
  7. Surf70, the SKE was installed in the 90's. Man it sure was great not having SKE. That #@%* horn was right over my head and constantly going off. :mad:
  8. Surf70, I'm not sure. I know Nashville was there with our unit. Nashville had a plane damaged at Sarajevo by mortar fire IIRC. Our planes didn't have SKE so they did mostly air land stuff.
  9. Spectre623, I was at Ramstein in 94 on a rotation and had the aero meds demand we configure the a plane for a 141 configuration which would have put the comfort pallet on the ramp. The gal in job control told me the aero med said, "I know there are 6 pallet positions on a C-130". I said "they are correct, there are 6. Do you know where pallet position 6 is"? The person in job control: "No Sgt I don't". "It's on the cargo ramp and is at an angle of approximately 45º when it's closed for flight which is pretty handy if you want pressurization and to fly faster than 150 knots". "I'm pretty sure they can't sit on the shitters with an angle like that". We got them assigned an H2 with a flush toilet. We should have complied with their demand. :rolleyes:
  10. I was told med evac and search and rescue missions can be the most dangerous due to crews taking chances they won't in combat. It was one of those "things to remember".
  11. Your best bet is to contact reserve and ANG units and ask some questions. I retired from the WV ANG unit at Charleston. Many changes since I retired in 02. Once you make above Tech. it will be harder to get into a unit without a loss of rank. I was a "part timer" and had a full time civilian job.
  12. I get the discount showing my retired military ID. Lowes wouldn't honor my wife's dependent ID. The cashier said "we don't do that other than holidays". I went to Lowes after that and asked for the discount and got it and it wasn't a holiday.
  13. An engineer told me yesterday about a takeoff with the winch unsecured. He said it was a hell of a racket. He rejected the take off. It had to be really dangeous and on a max effort take off it would be really bad.
  14. The prop brake isn't holding the prop. It happens sometimes with a weak prop brake but isn't supposed to. I don't know if the slow reverse rotation damages the gearbox or any engine components?
  15. Yes it is. When feathered, the prop is supposed to push back against the prop brake.
  16. With straight 3000 psi pressure at the brakes now and with the anti-skid inop, skidding the main tires is very easy to do. When you skid them you either flat spot them (often ruined) or blow them out.
  17. Gizzard, Charley West (130th) has the 8 H3s Martinsburg had when they went to C-5s. The 8 H2s Charley West had when I retired (88-1301 - 88-1308) are now MC-130Ws or whatever they call them now. I didn't know Baltimore lost their J models. The C-27 sure is a boondoggle. The AD is trying to get Herks from anywhere they can get them. Congress sure screwed the C-130 program over.
  18. Hard to say. The sequestration has some reserve and ANG units down to 20 hours for April. My guess would be a Baltimore or Pittsburg bird. We've had some low levels int he past up there. One time we had a 3 ship low level off by a bit and busted over Whisp. :eek:
  19. I had to go through Altus in '80. There was an FE insrtuctor from LRF getting some info for starting the training at LRF but I don't remember his name. Pat Nash was in my class. Pat was the FE on the Nashville A model that crashed at Ft. Campbell on landing.
  20. My first numbered AF check ride was with SMSGT Larry Hogue (22nd AF) during an ASET visit. I had about 300 hours at the time and Larry had a rep for being tough. My own people had me scared I would fail. Larry came out to the plane after I went out and introduced himself "Hi, I'm Larry Hogue, everyone says I'm an asshole but I'm really not". He wasn't. He was thorough but fair. He based my check ride on my hours. I got a Q1 with positive comments from him. Playing "stump the dummy" IMO is BS. If you didn't know more than me you wouldn't be giving me the check ride. Check rides should be based on flying hours, time in the seat, and whether a basic, instructor, or evaluator. I was getting a check ride with CMSGT Chick Anderson (22nd AF) and he asked why there was a one minute warm up period on the APU? I went blank. I knew it but had a brain fart. He said well ......? I said "because the -1 says to". Then I remembered thermal expansion so I said that. He was laughing his ass off and called me a smartass. He asked me what was the max differenttial pressure to jettison the crew door. I drew a blank. He was certain I knew the answer so he asked "what kind of oil does your mom use on her sewing machine". I said " sewing machine oil". He said " you dumbass, it's 3in1 oil so the answer is 3.1 inmg"! I offered to bring in the can of Singer sewing machine oil the next day! True story. When you get bombarded with questions be patient. The answer is in there with most troops.
  21. We had a crew go to Ft Dix to pick up some WV Army guard troops that had finished their summer camp. Most of the PAX were hung over and prolly still drunk. They wouldn't do what the LM was telling them to do so he went to the AC. The AC (a LTC) was a fine gent and a West Point grad. The AC asked for the troop commander to come up to the cockpit. He told the troop commander his troops had to do as the LM told them or he'd leave without them. The troop commander told the AC "you can't do that". The AC kicked them off the plane and left. The Army NG guys came home by Greyhound.
  22. Our load master rejected a load that was over height in Dhaharan during Desert Storm. Aerial port kept coming out and insisting it wasn't over height (we measured it). The rest of the crew went inside and I was in the cargo compartment when a Captain came out and asked why we rejected the load. I told him "it's bigger than the hole in the ass end of the plane and even with a running start it won't fit". He busted out laughing and left. No one came back out. During a Ramstein rotation while on duty crew we had a request to rig a plane for an aero med run. The configurement was for a 141 and would put the comfort pallet on the ramp. The jackass making the request knew there were 6 pallet positions but I had to talk to job control and not the idiot directly. I was told the person making the request knew there are 6 pallet positions on a C-130. I said "yes there are, do you know where pallet position 6 is?" " No." " Pallet position 6 is on the cargo ramp which is at a 45º incline when it's closed which is pretty handy if you want pressurization and to be able to fly over 150 knots. It would pretty difficult for them try to sit on the shitters at a 45º."
  23. We had an FE getting a check ride from a 22nd AF examiner. The examiner kept getting deeper and deeper in systems and finally our guy said "you know, were only going to fly this thing for a couple of hours not build one".
  24. 1010º is the max continuous -15 TIT limit and 970º is preferred for extending tubine life.
  25. TIT is the easy answer. On the H models I crewed we'd pick the altitude we'd get 300 TAS at 970º.
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