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  1. I remember reading that this or a similar jig has been in use since the start of C-130 production. Is that correct? Thanks, Koen
  2. Very sad to hear of Lars' passing. Koen
  3. Thanks for both your interesting replies. One museum seems to have shown an interest so fingers crossed, the might be able to pick it up.
  4. Last August I noted HC-130H(N)s 92-2104 and 88-2101 at Brussels airport. According to most sources 92-2104 is with 211th RQS/AK ANG and 88-2101 with 102nd RQS/NY ANG. I've also heard some reports that 92-2104 was with 102nd RQS/NY ANG at that time, possibly just on loan for a deployment. Anyone have more info please? Koen
  5. David Rühling posted the following on the C-130 crewchiefs Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/184118368141/permalink/10154100095628142/ If anyone has any suggestions please let David know via Facebook, or if you don't have Facebook let me know and I'll get you into contact with him. Would be a shame to see it scrapped. Koen
  6. Bob, 'Joe Swartzentruber' commented "Off to some army training base for them to jump all over and fuck up even more" on the C-130 crewchiefs Facebook group where it was posted originally. Hopefully Tiny will have some slightly more detailed info. Koen
  7. Saw this pic of 63-9810 leaving Moody on Facebook just now:
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    Scramble's database has 405 as last noted 24may14. They also state that 410 and 412 were both to be scrapped indeed and as they've not been noticed for years that's probably true.
  10. Only these, Bob: http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=7558799&nseq=25 http://jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=6713342
  11. Just went through every Egyptian AF C-130 pic I could find and couldn't find a match. Maybe it's been repainted fairly recently.
  12. Thanks for the reply Bob! Hope to see some KY Hercs over here soon so was wondering if the 65-0984 could be a possible candidate. Seems that is not very likely. I hope you're doing well, Koen
  13. Thanks for the reply. I believe most are with the PR ANG right now indeed. If anyone has seen 65-0984 lately I'd still like to hear what unit it belongs to. Koen
  14. Hi all, Been a while since I last posted on here but can anyone confirm if WC-130H 65-0984 is with the KY ANG please? Have seen a report of it flying with the 165th in December of 2012 but I can't find any images of it wearing KY ANG markings. In fact I can't find any images of 65-0984 after 2011! Thanks, Koen
  15. Nice job Casey. Drawing these things is good fun isn't it?
  16. Thanks Bob. I looked at the site but couldn't find any listing of the conflicts individual aircraft took part in sadly Mike, thanks a lot. My friend had been looking for images of this aircraft for quite a while. So that's 53-3129: Did she fly any combat missions? Did any missionmarkings get applied and do pictures exist? nope 54-1623: Did she fly any combat missions? yes 54-1630: already had the confirmation it was in ODS and some pics but your additional info is very informative! 55-0014: again thanks for the interesting extra information! You said you had info on the 5 final aircraft of the unit so I guess the 5th didn't take part in ODS then? Thanks for the help! Koen
  17. Thanks for that! Any suggestions as to possible other sites or forums for more info on which aircraft took part in ODS?
  18. A friend of mine runs a website ( http://dstorm.eu/ ) dedicated to the airwar part of Operation Desert Storm. On his website he tries to get complete lists of every aircraft that has taken part along with images and extra information where possible. While he does have a list of some of the Spectres that took part in the war he's not sure if the list is complete and he's always looking for more info. I will start another seperate topic for the AC-130H in ODS later. Does anyone have any additions/corrections to this AC-130A list? Serialnumber Nose Art Comment 53-3129 The First Lady 54-1623 Ghost Rider 54-1630 Azrael - Angel of Death 6 mission markings (camels) 55-0011 Night Stalker 6 mission markings (5 camels, 1 crab) 55-0014 Jaws of Death 23 mission markings (camels) 55-0046 Proud Warrior 56-0509 Ultimate End 56-0522 C-130A assigned to 711st SOS for high priority cargo and personnel transport Some questions/remarks: 53-3129: Did she fly any combat missions? Did any missionmarkings get applied and do pictures exist? 54-1623: Same question as for the above 55-0011: What does the crab symbol marking stand for? 55-0046: There are pictures of this aircraft with 12 pineapple (?) markings and 1 crab marking. Do these originate from ODS and what do they stand for? 56-0509: There are pictures of this one with 11 pineapple markings, from ODS? 56-0522: Do any pictures of 56-0522's 711th SOS/ODS period exist? Did any further AC-130A's take part? Hope someone can shed some light on some of these questions. Koen
  19. Saw this link on another forum, interesting stuff: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/03/secret-libya-psyops/ Koen
  20. The Belgian birds did get some updates, some more info here: http://www.belgian-wings.be/Webpages/Navigator/News/Special%20Features/C130%20&%20F16%20upgrades/C130%20&%20f16%20upgrades.htm
  21. Glad you guys liked the video. Maybe others can add videos they've found and consider to be of interest? Koen
  22. I asked for you in the topic and it seems so. Koen
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