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  1. Ok so flew FCF shut #3 down go to restart it the blades begin to come out of fleather just a tiny bit then go back to feather no propeller rotation. Land adjust NTS bracket go back up same thing ,go to Airstart prop begins to come out of feather a tiny bit then goes back to feather. this time change Valve housing perform run all checks good! back to FCF shut #3 down feathers fine go to restart, same thing comes out of feather just a bit then back to feather still no rotation of propeller need help with this one I have a few theories one could be bad quad seals, not letting enough pressure to unfeather the prop with the extra force of 150 knots of wind another could be a weak aux feather pump motor doing the same last one is the pump housing is going bad?
  2. I need thre P/N for the speed sensitive control wrench and the Geneva loc wrench if anyone has it as well Thanks
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