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  1. Happy New Year to all. Please can anyone tell me if T.O.1-1-2 (Corrosion Prevention and Control for Aerospace Equipment)has been replaced or superseded by another T.O ? Some of our Technical Manuals reference this T.O., but we are having difficulty obtaining a copy. Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Simon MC
  2. Can anyone help me. Does anyone know the difference between a 19A513 and a C19A513, Globe Industries DC Centrifugal Fan? We are using publication T.O.15H3-2-15-33 which states Part Number C19A513, but the Centrifugal Fan Dataplate shows 19A513. I'm confused.
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    The CEF manual that you require is 8656-1-3 Revision:8 Dated 29th October 2008. This Manual covers the 8656 and the 8656M2. Contact CEF Technical Publications, as they should be able to help.
  4. Hi Mike, Thanks for the clarification. The T.O. is 15H3-2-59-3 REV:1 Dated 15th July 1997, and it is for a Blower Assembly Part No: 500702-4491. If the T.O. cannot be used then I suppose my only option is to contact the Manufacturer and see if I can purchase a CMM. Simon
  5. Hi Everyone, We have applied for a Technical Order for a C-130 Heater Assembly, and have been told that this Manual is now Rescinded. Does this mean that the last updated copy of the T.O. can no longer be used?, or does it just mean that this Manual is no longer in Print? Can anyone help me with the confusion. Thanks.
  6. Can anyone tell me if the Honeywell Temperature Control Valve Part No: 398648-2-1 is listed in the latest revision of T.O.15A2-3-89-3 Dated 2004? We have copy of the Technical Order Dated 1 Feb 1987 but it does not list this Part Number, only the 398648-1-1 and 398548-1-2 Also we have tried to Purchase an up to date T.O from Newport but unfortunately they do not recognise this Part Number either. We have Contacted Honeywell but they could only tell us that this type of Control Valve has a different type of Actuator & Motor Assembly. Does anyone have any ideas where I may be able to obtain a copy of the Technical Data for this Control Valve. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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