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  1. Muff Millen wrote:

    PS: I moved here to Smyrna Georgia this past June and I get to see and best of all hear the mighty Herk flying in the neighborhood out of Dobbins ARB love it.:)

    I\'m living just below the Florida/Georgia line. The C-130s out of Aero Corp. on test flights come right over the house low about 3 or 4 times a week. Nothing else sounds quite like a 130. Kinda miss it all ..... but not enough I would want to do it over again.

  2. Whiskeyglenn wrote:

    By way Graywolf, we have 2 of the 776th\'s more infamous characters

    around here, Arne & The Preacher.

    Thought they had retired and were living on an island in Sun-Moon Lake!!

    Visited the museum in Pensacola last year ........... very nice. It takes a full day just to walk through it all.

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