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  1. True story except the way we were told it was a big bag of spare Pachinco machine balls and the vertical stab was almost shot off. They were, as the story goes, at .825 mach at the time. This whole story may be a "MAC" legend anyway... When the airframes were streached the sextant port was covered by the URASI and "deleted" from the airframe.
  2. You should try controlling the long cord on a C-5. :D
  3. I belive that it was in the march-may '93 time frame. I was TDY to Rhein Mein from Pope and was passing thru Zagreb picking up cargo for Sarajevo. Was there (Frankfurt) about 6 months that year.
  4. I went on a impromptu tour of one in Zagrabe during Provide Promise one time. Case after case of Vodka was stacked everywhere on both upper and lower flight decks. The russian crew was joking about how much they drank before flying. Especially before A/R's. Scared the Hell out of me.
  5. Did all three top rounds in the cylinder detonate at the same time? Saw what was left of a .40 glock that had a double charge go off once about 1991.
  6. When I was stationed there (87-94) the "official" story was that the cargo comp A/C plug was left installed. It caught fire shortly after turning on the A/C. It was used for load training after that..
  7. I used to do that when working grave shift at Pope. About 3 AM for a couple of minuites straight. Used to wake up the whole base..:rolleyes:
  8. HMMM I might have a suggestion for the suggestion program thread. If we pull our acft think how much the savings would be...:rolleyes:
  9. Same here. I was an A.F brat for over 20 years myself. Lived the whole "it was never promised in writing" shpeel as we watched our earned benifits slowly erode. Even the B.X. and commisarry aren't that great of a deal anymore. They have good sales once in a while but other that that the BX's no sales tax is about the only break you get these days.
  10. fenmonster

    Dan Wilson!

    There's some good looking Garands you got there Dan.
  11. I don't know who said it first but "the job of the military is to kill the enemy and break his things". Period. NOT wonder about their feelings. The people in charge at all levels need to figure this out real quick.
  12. fenmonster

    Dan Wilson!

    Why yes it is.. I was however a C-130E Crew Chief for almost 10 years mostly at Pope. (87-94) before cross training to C-141-B/C-5A/B F.E. At least my avatar is still (or was) an airlift asset. I saw someones avatar here that is a T-33.
  13. fenmonster

    Dan Wilson!

    There is no such thing as too many guns... --Jerry "fenmonster" Fenwick
  14. Same here. --Jerry "Fenmonster" Fenwick
  15. This one time I was showing a new guy a wiring bundle to re-attach in the fillet panel area above the wheel well and left him to his work. (did I mention I am almost a foot taller than this guy?) anyway later he asked me to check his work so I bounded up the stand to see what he had done. Unknown to me he had raised the stand a foot so I hit my head when I got to the top. I left a core sample of skin and hair on one of the fuel tank vent lines. didn't bleed that much but damn near passed out and was half cukoo for a few minuites. Jerry "Fenmonster" Fenwick
  16. Get a waiver from Momma MAC, take off, then shut it down when at a "safe" airspeed/altitude. Of course if the per diem is good:D...... Fenmonster C-130E crew Chief C-141B / C-5 FE
  17. I know the Argentineans tried to use Herks as bombers during the Falklands. They were just rolling the bombs out the back trying to hit ground targets. The Brits kept warning them to not use transports like that and finally a Sea Harrier ended up shooting at least one down. No more attempts were made after that. --Jerry "Fenmonster" Fenwick
  18. Here's a video of it landing in McChord. It had a really unique sound -- sorta like the 3-bladed A-models. [ Got to love electric props.....At least I think they were electric. Jerry "Fenmonster" Fenwick
  19. Hi Col, Bob's info is correct. I was at Pope at the time of this mishap. They were on a low level but had some extra time and Capt Reynolds was demonstrating some sort of ridge cresting maneuver used to recover from the vertical stabilizer stall problem. The gist was this was a maneuver supposedly used in the R.A.A.F. and Capt Reynolds was sure that it could be used to recover from vertical stabilizer stalls. They did it successfully the first time but lost it on the second attempt. I have a newspaper article somewhere about it. I also read the cockpit voice recorder after the mishap, but tried my best to forget what I had read. Take Care, Jerry "fenmonster" Fenwick
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