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  1. By the way, we use "elephant snot" still!
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. We are lookiing into getting a kit but it sure seems easier if we just had another huge roll of the self adhesive stuff, then we wouldn't have to replenish the kit or individually order patches seperately. Thanks again.
  3. I believe Robins but I'm not positive on that.
  4. We had a plane (1186) come from Depot that was flying crooked for months. I never really heard of all the details of what we did to try and fix it other than "the engineers" came here and flew it around and agreed that the plane was indeed flying crooked. After weeks of failed attempts at fixing the issue and weeks of sitting grounded the powers decided to send it back to depot. Its been there since (atleast 6 months now) Is there anyone out there from depot that has heard about this plane and know anything about any findings? Just curious... Thanks - Fry
  5. I am looking for information on ordering new fab patch material. We are just about out of a HUGE roll of the stuff that we've had for years and nobody seems to have any of the info connected with it. So any help with PN or NSN of the stuff you guys/gals have been using would be appreciated! Thanks Fry
  6. Thanks for the replies. Its funny you say that "half do / half don't". Thats exactly how we work here on many subjects. Good thing about that in this case is nobody is wrong I suppose. There isn't anything in writing from what we've seen. I guess it falls back to depot and the old saying ("thats the way we've done it for years") so they just keep doing it even though there is nothing on paper that says to! Thanks again. I'll be posting some more questions on here (cool little tool to settle some disputes!), I agree with you that we all should try to be on the same page.
  7. During ISO inspection we have noticed that the planes that come back from depot have had sealant on the sway brace bolt heads. We can't find in a TO anywhere that says to apply sealant to the bolt heads only to put grease on the bolt itself. Anyone have any input on this. Thanks
  8. One of my co-workers was working inside the NLG wheel well with me during an ISO. The gear door was off for easy access and the radome was opened. After a little grab a$$ inside the wheel well he scooted out from under there and ran smack dab into that opened radome! It was loud and to this day I am amazed that he stayed on his feet! I've been bitten about 10 times by that MLG door pin and get pissed everytime!
  9. I was wondering if anyone has any info on a story about a crew chief taking off on one of the planes stationed at Mildenhall. I was stationed there 96-98 and that story surfaced. Any truth to that? Also, it was said that the plane was shot down. Thanks Fryguy
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