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  1. I worked with Tom at Grove before he retired-he still works for FAA in Allentown Pa. last time I saw him was last January at Groves annual holiday bash! Just called and left voice mail-FAA-figures-Jeff:)
  2. :woohoo: worked the electric shop Sep 68-Jun 70 Naha, RVN TSN-CR shuttle TDY\'s, spent year at Ubon 71-72 8 FMS, currently Avioni9cs Branch chief ART at 440th Pope 14 UTA\'s till retirement. Blind Bat A\'s E\'s, now H\'2\'s also had weather birds at Willow Grove 85-to 2006
  3. Monty, 95th and 2nd flying H-2\'s probably tail you mention is 9282 - :woohoo: 6 on deck 16 when done -E\'s still flying are from \"Willow Grove\" and hand full of others. Cap
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