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    born in clarkburg ,wv in 1947. grad victory high 1965 , joined usaf in oct 1965 . loadmaster school at sheppard . went to charleston sc to the 41st mas . when they moved the c 130s to mcguire . i went to the 45 mas . from mcguire to cck and the 345 tas . rotated from cck 9 -1969 retired from dupont 2006 .
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    parkersburg ,wva.
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  1. the standard fuel for viet nam was 24000 lbs mission ready jb childers
  2. i was at cam rahn when we had a crew finishing the day with at hop from danang to crb .on approach when they pulled back on the power ,the engine rpm followed the power . they flew it on to the runway and the engines flame out on all 4 .used all the brakes and runway .made the last turn before the water . happened 68 or early 69 .we saw the black marks most of the length of the runway . any body hear that story . what would make the rpm follow the props?jb childers
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