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  1. I am a personal friend of Tom\'s and can assure you that his hard work is evermore present in this book. I couldn\'t put it down! Imagine having pen and notebook in hand, then walking throughout your wing and talking to the warrior\'s that make it happen......that\'s what you will get in his latest book.

    Tom\'s other book, a novel titled Trash Hauler\'s Ball is one of my favorites. It too is a literary tribute to the Herk, it\'s crew\'s and maintainer\'s. I suggest that this novel should be on every Herk lovers mantel.

    Great job Tom!


  2. I am interested in the history of these two operational organizations that operated during thye Vietnam era. Maybe in our current era of the 21st. cent. will shed some light; in 1979 I made several inquries and was counseled as to \"keep your mouth and curiosity shut, and get back to work\".

    What were the qualifications for the flight crew\'s?

    What locations did the \"flight\'s\" train in, or at?

    What happened to the crew\'s and maint. personnel when the unit\'s were disbanded?

    Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks!


  3. While viewing NBC Nightly News last evening I was dismayed; then not so surprised, when I saw Merrill McPeak supporting Obama:dry: Then, to add to my disgust, Hillary was bragging about landing on a hot LZ back in the \'90\'s. Oh my......this is going to get better and better.

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