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    USAF aircraft electrician assigned to CCK in 1967-68
    worked on the C130E

    Joined NCANG in 1972 where I was an aircraft electrician on the C130B
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    Lincolnton, NC
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    retired now

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  1. Sort of what i thought, how many ragheads are on here looking for tech info? You have it you figure it out!
  2. Thanks for posting this! I really enjoyed it so much.
  3. I can think of several I would like to do that to, but I just think too much of my dang pick' up!
  4. and one requesting the LCN to see if there is a photo in the galley of the said light bulb
  5. I wouldn't want to ride on anything those desert heads touched!
  6. Yeah that kind of irks me when you see what was a good sight to see with US military markings and now they have some foreign "force de aero" painted on the side of them with some funky number and hieroglyphics that make no sense. I wish that they were kept in this country . Made in the US and scrapped in the US!
  7. I worked on the B's when Charlotte Air guard had them and I was full time there for 20+ years. Retired prior to them getting the H model. Loved the sound of the A's with no LSGI when they were taxing. At least that what I was told as to why they sounded different. And I heard from several of the flying types that the B was the hot rod of the C130's
  8. Like that idea too, Robert! I was a B model maintainer but there was something about the A's that I always liked!
  9. Strnge that Wyoming has had 2 aircraft damaged that were tail number 1533. The first was a B model 59-1533 damaged during a tornado at the Guard base. Wings and tail were removed and it was airlifted to depot and returned to the skies again. Now this 92 H model 92-1533 with a failed nose gear.
  10. Ken, from an old Herk maintainer, I also wish you well !
  11. Thank you so much for that story, I sat on the edge of my seat reading it! And thank you for being a hero and not letting those slope heads foul you up!!!
  12. That would be 26 years of service. Aren't they retiring them early or is it the airframe hours that determine service life.?
  13. It is nice to see old parts saved as mementos. Shows that these parts survived many flight hours and hopefully still brought a brave aircrew home.
  14. maybe when the ragheads and obummers idiots finish taking over we will understand why sh.. floats!!
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