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    Originally from Newton Mass--Grad BU in 62 commisoned 2nd Lt--Pilot traing Craig AFB-fst assign to B-47 Plattsburgh AFB--then assinged C-130A Lockbourne Ohio. Then to Guam in 67-69 We actually flew out of Thailand tdy 3 wks at a time-had 18months tdy to Thailand flew 168 missions over Laos and North Viet-nam-Lft the service in 69 flew for Delta Air Lines till 99.Also was a reservist rising to the rank of Colonel! now retired!
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    Atlantis FL and Mattapoisett,MA
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    I.m done!

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  1. fitzferrari

    Udorn 56-0522.jpg

    I flew 56-522 from May 67 thru Apr 69 out of Udorn Thailand also ferried her back and forth from Guam!
  2. Bob was 56-519 the A/C that went to museum in Hue??
  3. Fitz here still trying to find out if 60519 is in Museum in Hue??
  4. Me too Happy Veterans day!!
  5. Great story I know people forget but that was a good story!
  6. fitzferrari


  7. Where you my Crew chief in 68!! Good one!
  8. Excellent job you can be Proud of what you accomplished! Remember no one can take it from you!! Pete Fitz
  9. Sam there were only three WC-130A,s--60-519 last seen at Tonsanut(spelling) and 60-522, 60-537! We flew them from 1967 to 1969! Weather modification out of Udorn Thailand! They were maintained at 54th Weather SQ on Guam! Painted in Vietnam version no SQ markings etc! This continued after I left and ended in 1970 after I left! Replaced by 3 C-130B,s! This went on till 1972!! Fitz
  10. No! when my older Bro heard I was going to Viet-Nam in 1967 he said son you need a Gun! I bought a Smith and Wesson 9mm Auto and took it with me to Guam. Used to carry it to Thailand for the Missions! Got 160 on it!! They used to issue us a 38 for each mission so I took that too! The guys called me 2 gun Pete! One night in 68 we lived downtown in Udorn Thailand the base was attacked by some people who where sympathetic to the NV! A prisoner of war had been released and was on a civilian flight but it landed in Udorn and they were going to be Transferred to a C-141! Anyway we were downtown and got the call to come back to the Base why I dont know so downstairs we went every one wanted to get into my cab cause they all new I was armed- it was a panic ! I can look back and smile but we were all quite concerned at the time! Anyway the Thai Army guys killed most of them and took a few into custody! End of incident! we where back dowtown by Mid-night! I carried that gun at all times! oh those were the days!! Of course I still have it and shoot it from time to time!
  11. Why knock the A-Model she was the first! had problems but a great Bird for the guys who flew her!! Ha-Ha Fitz
  12. I flew 56-519 out of Udorn RTAFB between 67 to 69!We flew her over Laos and North Viet-Nam. She was sent back to the states in late 1970 and went to a reserve unit! Then she was flown back to Viet-Nam and given to the South Vietnamese Airforce sometime in 1973 she ended up in 1975 being flown by the North Viet-Namese untill they couldnt keep her flying. She was last seen to my Knowledge at Ton-Son-Nhut airport in 1999!
  13. We were training crews to go to Nam I was an extra Pilot and used to go back and photo the jumps from the rear cargo door! I did not wear a parachute and nobody tried to pull me out! Fun deal!!!!
  14. I flew 56-519 from Apr 1967to Apr 1969.It was assigned to the 54th Weather Sq on Guam and was TDY to Udorn RTAFB! We flew it out of Udorn over Laos and North Vietnam! sometime in the early seventies it went back to just a C-130 and was given to the South Vietnamese Air Force Hence when its flying days were over it went to TSN! If that aircraft could talk it would tell an interesting tale!! Ha-Ha!!! The North Vietnamese wouldnt like the tale!!! fitzferrari Col
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