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    I was a C-130H flight engineer with the 463 rd out of Dyess AFB from 1979 to 1982....
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  1. Jim, I was on those Rotes to Mildenall ( I was assigned as a FE with the 772nd) during the time frame you mentioned about , I know that Dino had said that it was going to be his last Rote 'cause he was getting married.... We we kind of "under the influence of a liquid substance during our time off" I was on alert with my crew and we were scheduled to be on the Turkey Trot run.... but we were called up to go to Andoya Norway.... We then were sent to Turkey a few days later. Glad to here of an old team mate in the C130s.... Kind of a blast from the past.
  2. Yes it is true, my previous post were meant for the crash in 1982.
  3. Bob, If I remember correctly there should have been more crew members ( crew flying dead head to Turkey with them) along with some passengers, I believe Capt Dean VanDam and his crew was on the flight
  4. This is true, My Crew was scheduled to fly that mission to Turkey , but we were on alert status and we were called late the evening prior to go on a mission to Andoya Norway.
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