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  1. 314 is now sitting in the boneyard here in Trenton, as are 317 and 311. One of them is even missing a tail. 313 is indeed now a museum piece, and looking a lot better than 314 ever did. 315 is currently being used as a tech trainer by the school.
  2. To go along with the accessory drive theory...Have someone listen outside the compartment during the start and see if they hear just the starter turning, or the GTC itself spooling up. If its just the starter then your accessory drive is definitely pooched.
  3. Our book clearly states that no light within 5 seconds constitutes a stop start. The light going out upon release of the switch is the only indication we have that the start valve has, in fact, closed and the starter is not on its way to spinning itself apart as the engine contnues to spool up.
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