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  1. Just curious, and I know assignments are always in flux but what units and C-130 types are currently at Little Rock? I guess the 50th is gone? and the Arkansas ANG may finally have some "newer" airframes? I was never stationed there but was born there when it was a SAC base. I did get to train there later as a Flt Engineer. Monty
  2. EC-130E 62-1857 will be added to the Carolinas Aviation Musuem inventory. Induction cermony is on 19 October 2013. http://www.carolinasaviation.org/ This was one of the EC-130s used in Operation Eagle Claw/1980 Iran hostage rescue mission. Lt Col Tharp, the pilot who flew 1857 on that historical day, will be speaking.
  3. I think many of those nose arts are from when the C-130s went back to AMC. I recognize "Damien" (74-1666), Super Herk, Texas Shadow and Hazard 01 from my AMC days.
  4. Maybe the T-56 equipped aircraft at Lockheed MX are out for a test flight.
  5. Someone more in the know might want to check this but I believe the 2 AS is an active duty unit assigned to the 43d Airlift Group at Pope. The 440th AW is the AFRES associate component. Litte Rock's AMC units are now under the 19th Airlift Wing (the 19th AW also has attached associate squadrons at Peterson, Cheyenne and Keesler).
  6. Monty FE

    TOLD card bags

    FYI are your "landing speeds" already filled in (precalculated) or do you have to run the charts every time? I've seen some guys have pre printed cards with the landing speeds. The checklists have tab data that makes it quick to figure most of the speeds. Do you guys use the same -1 checklists in the USN?
  7. He was stationed at Dyess in the 70s as a pilot. Does anyone have any pics or stories?
  8. That brings up a question; What do you call an E-model with -15 engines on it? Do the 73s have that nickname exclusively?
  9. I believe there are only three 1973 H Models that are flying as USAF slicks. 1582,1597,1598. They were at Dyess several years ago, I guess they are still there. The rest of the USAF's 73s are EC-130H. Hopefully if they keep them, they'll put APUs and big flt deck packs on them during the AMP mod.:)
  10. Interesting, never heard that. I have seen an UARSSI aircraft with a Lockheed external tank under one wing and an American Electric under the other. I'm guessing they are the same part number though?
  11. The Elemendorf AD Sq is still fairly new and that could be a cool unit to help build up. Lots of good flying. I know you didn't ask about Pope but I believe that Sq is down sizing a bit. They had to send a few acft to Little Rock.
  12. Reminds me of the Nimrod AWACS proposal from several years ago. http://www.spyflight.co.uk/images/JPGS/BAE%20Nimrod%20AEW3/5-9-2002-16-54-nimrod_aew.jpg
  13. Are there equipment modifications for the Canadian C-130 SAR mission? Such as FLIR, scanner windows, helo A/R, etc?
  14. Polecat, thanks for the info on the E-models. I wonder with all the slick J models being -30 anymore, did any of the slick shorties become EC-130Js? Does the Maryland Guard still fly them? I heard a while back they were to give them up.
  15. Just curious how many of these ladies are still left out there in the AD/AFRES/ANG.
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