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  1. The wings were off before I left last December.
  2. 0988 is still sitting on the flightline. They need to find the $10 grand they say it will cost to do it.
  3. Does this happen on both the #1 and #2 systems? Are you using longwire antennas or the shunt antenna in the rudder?
  4. tinyclark


    I hope everyone had a great Thankgiving, hopefully being able to be with some family.
  5. Well, it looks like the problem is between the INU and the Nav switching panel, since gyro mode works. I know how complicated it can be, especially if it is a signal wire intermittently shorting to the shield. Maybe one of the 26VAC excitation voltages is bad. There are quite of few splices that are tied together. Maybe you could try to duplicate the problem by removing a 26VAC excitation signal from the INU connector, or removing an X,Y or Z signal wire from the Heading, Pitch & Roll outputs of the INU. I know this would be a lot of work, but I think you have to see what may cause the fault to be able to find it. My diagram probably doesn't match yours, but it is all I have. By the way, where are you located? .
  6. I don't know Munir, I am not an engineer. It could be due to aerodynamic reaction from the nose of the aircraft that would make the inboard engines ice up faster, so there is no need for outboard detectors. Maybe they decided that there is no difference, and it would not be worth running the wiring for two more engines. And yes, if you ran the #3 wiring to engine #4 and installed the detector, it would probably work. But, if the inboard engines do ice up faster, then it may cause serious problems. Also, you would have to find room in the wing disconnect connectors for the wiring.
  7. Wow. I wish I could help you more. There is probably a broken wire somewhere. But, I would suggest looking at all of the connectors on the Nav relay panel and flight director computer to make sure no pins are bent. I would almost suggest swapping the relay panel out with another aircraft, but there is no guarantee the panels would be identical.
  8. Does the INU ATT mode lamp come on? Have you tried the Pilot's ATT relay on the Nav switching relay panel? What was done to the aircraft before it started doing this? Was any ISO work done, or a component replaced before this started? Are there any ACTION codes and FAULT codes displayed on the INU control?
  9. Let me ask in a different way. If you lose an engine during flight, does the aileron have to be trimmed at all to compensate for the loss of the engine? Someone must know this.
  10. Four, except on special mission birds. where there are 5, 6 or 7, depending on model. The four are at FS245 LH, FS617 RH and FS803, and one in cockpit.
  11. As pilots, were any of you taught how the prop slipstream affected wing lift? If so, is there so little effect that it is negligible? Does it affect the horizontal stabs more than the wings?
  12. Yea, I show no wiring for #1 or #4 in the oldest diagrams I have.
  13. The year and model/serial number might help, if I have any info on it.
  14. The outer engine ice detectors were removed by TCTO 1C-130-1125, dated Nov 1, 1983. This TCTO also removed all of the detectors from spare engines. I do not have a copy of the TCTO stating the purpose, but they are not needed.
  15. I was fortunate to know an old shop guy at Rhein Main that got a job with the Marines (Navy) as an equipment specialist, pretty much the same as an AFETS, but in Navy speak. The unit was VMGR-352 at El Toro MCAS. Designated the RAIDERS, they were supported by the LA Raiders football program and had Raiderette cheerleaders at annual airshows. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VMGR-352
  16. We had a few at Rhein Main. I never understood it either. Coincidentally, when I was at Norton, we would be on the launch truck all morning, and it was a blue bread truck in the San Berdoo heat of the summer. No shade anywhere. I submitted an AF1000(?) Suggestion form, to paint the top white to reflect the heat. Everyone thought it was a good idea, except the USAF Suggestion Office. "White would not work in combat areas." I asked them where would you park a blue vehicle, underneath a blue tree? It got shot down. Guess what color the top of bread trucks are now.... WHITE. Effing USAF.
  17. I don't have any info. http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/aeronautics/materialmanagement/scm-engineering/material_process_specs.html Don;t know what it costs, but may be worth it to you.
  18. Wow, reminds me of the F-16 & C-130 incident at Pope.
  19. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141397568303 4 more left
  20. Fortunate for me, I worked the TF RADAR on the Blackbirds (Talon Ones), and they always took a crew chief, ECM, and RADAR troop on just about every TDY.
  21. OK, found it in Lar's book. 61 model with the C-12? Hmmm. We had the N-1 system on our older Herks.
  22. OK, now I'll act like a real idiot. Keep in mind I haven't been on an aircraft in 3 years. I see no mention of an OFF flag on the HSI in either the Flight Director or C-12 compass checkouts. Where exactly is this OFF flag on the HSI? This is the HSI that I am familiar with. I'm not even sure what an F model is. I assume it is similar to our E and Hs with the Standard Flight Director system and the C-12 gyro. .
  23. Yea, just because the screw fits, doesn't mean the aircraft can wear it. Ramstein had a bird that had a whiskey compass problem. It took them few days to find a couple incorrect screws installed in the pilot's window next to the compass. But, something like that shouldn't have any affect on your flag. Are you just using the controller to spin the compass around to see this, or are you using a MAD simulator? Give me an idea of year group so can check some diagrams.
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