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    Schools 08/1963 - 01/1964 Lackland AB, Chanute AB
    509 FMS 02/1964 - 11/1965 Pease AB B-47, KC-97
    314 FMS 12/1965 - 06/1966 Tachikawa AB TDY C-130
    314 FMS 07/1966 Nha Trang AB TDY C-130
    314 FMS 06/1966 - 01/1967 CCK AB C-130
    465 FMS 02/1967 - 08/1967 Robbins AB B-52, KC-135

    Lockheed Aircraft International - AG 10/1970 - 10/1972 Jeddah SA RSAF C-130

    Bell Helicopter International 02/1977 - 12/1978 Isfahan IRAN FASC-03 B-214, AH-1J
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  1. Hope you had a great day for your birthday today! It's hell getting old, but somebody's got to do it. Lee
  2. Hope you had a great Birthday today! Hope you have many more! Lee
  3. It's been a long time since I worked on a C-130, but have some info on the trim tab indicators for an E Model. According to the TO 1C-130E-4 (an IPB I do believe), there were three trim indicators on the pilot's main instrument panel: Elevator Trim Tab, Figure 83 - Index 26, P/N 8DJ49GBV2 Aileron Trim Tab, Figure 83 - Index 27, P/N 8DJ49GAW2 Rudder Trim Tab, Figure 83 - Index 28, P/N 8DJ49GAY2 Hope this is some of the info you were looking to find.
  4. Must be that time of the year again. Have a great day for your birthday and hope you have many more to come!
  5. Hope you have a great day for your birthday today, and many more great days to come with many more birthdays. Lee
  6. Well as soon as I can grab a pedi-cab, I’ll be right down for a beer and bbq. Those were the days! Lee
  7. Ken Seems like everyone is having a Birthday this month! Have a great day. Lee
  8. Chris When it comes to Birthdays, you just can't have too many! Hope this Birthday is a happy one! Lee
  9. 314FMS


    Google P-38 can opener. Army-Navy stores have a five pack for $2-3. Lee
  10. I just posted a picture of 62-1802 in my user gallery. This photo was taken at an open house display at Pease AFB New Hampshire in 1964 or 1965 while I was stationed there. The photo was scanned from an old picture of mine that my sister had in a family photo book. The full sized scan is about 1 Meg and I can e-mail it if anyone is interested.
  11. Robert Thanks for the 360 degree tours of the cockpits site. Very interesting, did not know it was available. Lee
  12. Ten miles as the crow flies. I found the arrow at the airport from an internet search and used a satellite map to confirm that it was still there. It was inside a fence around the terminal, so I went inside to inquire if it was OK to go outside the building to take a picture. The fellow I talked with was a pilot and told me about the second arrow as he has seen it from the air. The second arrow was a bonus and is the nicer of the two. I'll bet that not a lot of them are left around.
  13. I found two of the concrete arrows in Indiana. One is at the Shelbyville Airport in Indiana and is at 39 degrees 34 minutes 36 seconds North and 085 degrees 47 minutes 58 seconds West. This arrow seems to be missing part of the tail. The other arrow is about 10 miles east-southeast of the airport arrow and appears to be complete. It is located in someone's front yard just off a country road at 39 degrees 32 minutes 25 seconds North and 085 degrees 39 minutes 31 seconds West. Both arrows show up on satellite maps at the coordinates above. Here is a picture of the front lawn arrow.[ATTACH=CONFIG
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