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  1. Yes, the ramp lock restrictor fixed the problem. Part came in yesterday, hydro replaced it and fixed the issue. Thanks all for the support
  2. hehe, I was posting this for our hydro guys, I am the elen guy. We have H2's, 1980 series Herc's. I will pass this along to them as well. Much thanks
  3. Much thanks fellas. I will pass this info along to our hydro troops.
  4. Needing some assistance with a bird downrange. When operating the ramp with the aux pump, the ramp closes, and about 1/2 of the locks fully engage, the other locks only engage about 1/2 way. If we use the hand pump with the knob in the #4 position, and pump to approx 1000 psi, the locks will fully engage. The bellcrank has full travel and the actuator mount brackets are not cracked or damaged. We believe that the lock actuator is bad, but we do not have any on hand. Wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this issue before??? Much thanks
  5. Finishing up a ANG deployment. Had a prop sync issue that we had 2 different wiring issues on. First issue was the wire harness on the prop, bad pulse gen wiring within the prop. Also found a bad chassis ground on the prop sync power supply. We have 2 chassis ground wires on our H 2.5 aircraft. Would check them out if this is still an ongoing issue for you.
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