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  1. Yeah, the tech manuals was another problem. The updates are in your mailbox at CCK and you get jumped for a check ride in country. Most of us carried a little notebook with all the take off and landing times and the 3 letter airfield designation. You used them to fill out the travel voucher when you got back to CCK and you could also use them to keep up with the number of combat missions. Still got some of mine. You could buy them for a few piastres in Siagon.
  2. Best I can remember the standard for Air Medals was 35 combat missions. You could also be put in for one for a single mission by the Aircraft Commander. The Awards and Decs officer was also on active inputs and rarely around CCK. If I remember correctly we had to fill out a form listing the missions and leave it in the squadron Awards and Decs inbox at CCK. If you did not submit the forms, none were turned in. I was in 776 TAS the same time you was there. I remember keeping up with combat missions and turning in the forms.
  3. 45 years after Doc Jensen's crew was picked up from the burning wreckage of their plane (63-7775 c/n 3841) while under fire from the bad guys, the Army helicopter crews that rescued them have finally been awarded the Silver Star. This was one of the planes shot down during the An Loc Airdrops of 1972. The rescue probably saved the lives of the entire crew. You can easily find all the stories of the Battle of An Loc on the Internet. The crews who recently received the Silver Star for the rescue are the ones who picked up the C-130 crew of Capt. Don (Doc) Jensen after his plane was hit during the air drops and crashed into unfriendly territory. Fox News Article and pictures
  4. I have that whole Det 1 Report and some other news clippings posted online. Det 1 Report
  5. I have my complete flying time records and they list the tail numbers of all the birds we flew. I vaguely remember some of the crew chiefs and maintenance people at TSN, but I can't even remember all the crews I flew with. 217 combat missions just all blend together like some weird dream from a different life. I could look up the tail number and what day we used that bird, but the flying time records do not list the crew chief and that probably wouldn't help him any.
  6. I was 776 TAS out of CCK from early 1970 until we moved from Ton Sun Nhut to NKP in 1973? whenever it was. I had the VSM on my DD-214 from an extended time at TSN as duty loadmaster. The VA would still not accept that as proof of "boots on the ground". I had to get a DD215 with Vietnam Campaign Medal and Vietnam Cross on it before the VA accepted it as "boots on the ground". I had orders for both of them, they were just never put on the DD-214. Still took a long time to get it changed. Best I can remember the crew chiefs assigned to the aircraft went on the TDY inputs with us to TSN and stayed with the bird until it returned to CCK. Somebirds had assistant Crew Chiefs also. The VA has no clue what was going on back then. They make decisions based on some guidelines that somebody else without a clue wrote for them. They kept telling me that we could have been flying all airdrop missions out of Thailand and never landed in country. I tried to show them flying time records with hundreds of in country sorties and travel vouchers. They wouldn't look at them. They would only change my status when I got the DD-215.
  7. We still have the Jane Fonda urinal stickers in one of the local VFW posts here. I stop in and pay my respects once in a while. The Hanoi Jane urinal targets are still available on line.
  8. A brass plaque scheduled to go on the Air Force Academy AOG Unit/Mission Wall has a C-130 cast into it which carries the tail number of "Spare 617" -- 62-1787.
  9. 776 at CCK in 1971 was with 314 TAW and the paperwork shuffle put the wing at CCK the 374th TAW. The 776 remained at CCK and was still the 776th. Some time after I left in 1973 the 776 was moved from CCK to Clark. It was deactivated around October of 1975.
  10. The 50th was with us at CCK when I got there in 1970. It was TAS then. 776th, 50th, and 345th Squadrons were at CCK while I was there.
  11. Yeah, you are right. I just found another picture of it after they pushed it off to the side. It says 1854 in the picture title.
  12. Kontum 72 ...... not sure what the tail number was. I am sure we left it at Kontum when the base was over run. 865 was also damaged there, but it was repaired and flown back to TSN. Also see; The links are not working right. You will have to paste the URL into the browser. This links to an old copy of the Det 1 Report that I saved. http://www.tanwater.com/834/det1-pg1.html
  13. Listed as a crash on take off. Crew loss; Apr 20 1974 62-1841 AndersonAFB Guam Major Francis E King Major Robert M Monarch 1 LT Nelson T Hicks TSGT Joe L Smith SSGT Larry F Maas SGT Amos W Newsom That is all I have on it. Probably some more info on the Internet.
  14. Yeah, that is the same one sold on Amazon. It is shipped from Tradition Military Video and sold by Amazon. It is not the video with the field that has a hump in the middle of it.
  15. Now available from Amazon.com; C-130 Hercules Operations in VietnamFormat: DVDEditorial ReviewsThis DVD includes the following films focusing on operations in Vietnam of the C-130: "Anything, Anywhere, Anytime" is an overview of C-130 operations in Vietnam including the 463rd Tactical Airlift Wing; The AC-130 Gunship: Training and Operations in Vietnam; Operation Junction City: C-130 Airlift; Khe Sanh resupply; C-130 crash at Tan Son Nhut Airbase; C-130 transport of elephant from Special Forces Camp to Chu Lai. Run time 81 minutes Very limited number in stock ..... mine is on the way, they had one more in stock. http://www.amazon.com/Hercules-Operations-Vietnam-Traditions-Military/dp/B000WBFSJ0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1444824059&sr=8-2&keywords=dvd+c-130+operations
  16. Just out in the Sept 2015 American Legion Magazine
  17. Oil painting done by one of the shops in Taichung. Had them put the tail number on because We flew bunch of 7s so much. Still got the painting. I was Loadmaster with 776 TAS at CCK from 70-73. Think maybe I forgot to tell them to change the DH, don't really remember. It was copied from another painting that Big John had done.
  18. May 22 1968 56-0477 Laos LCOL William H Mason Blind Bat May 22 1968 56-0477 Laos Major Jerry L Chambers Shot Down May 22 1968 56-0477 Laos Capt William T McPhail May 22 1968 56-0477 Laos Capt Thomas B Mitchell May 22 1968 56-0477 Laos SSGT Calvin C Glover May 22 1968 56-0477 Laos SGT Gary Pate May 22 1968 56-0477 Laos A1C John Q Adam May 22 1968 56-0477 Laos A1C Thomas E Knebel May 22 1968 56-0477 Laos A1C Melvin D Rash
  19. Possibly the red cowlings came off of something already painted red. The radome one one of them has a half red paint pattern.
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