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    Lived in Milwaukee WI entire life
    70 years old served in AF from 1963 to 68
    was at Sewert AB Tn Tachikowa Japan 65 to 68
    Worked A models 56 57 high 400 Bmodels 61952-61972
    Favorite was 958 959 960 961
    worked as letter carrier fo 40yrs
    sports official 25yrs baseball basketball football high school to semi-pros
    retired and do a lot of golfing
    served as state Chairman for National Association of Letter Carriers for the Muscular Dystrophy Associatios MDA Jerry's Kids for 25 years was on the tel a athon 3 times with Jerry Leses a great time was had by all
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    Mlwaukee wi
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    retired letter carrier retired sports official
  1. Is it worth $25-28 dollars? I cannot find it used. I was there at this time and am interested in it. Jack Schmidt USAF Crew Chief and Ground Support
  2. I was there from 63 to 66 cc for B model 61 0958 spent many good and bad times there. Many TDYs left there for Tachi Jan 1966. Remember when A1st class Back died when forward carg door came of in flight, Sgt Galagos hung on to a chain to save his life Trajic but still a memory. Back bump me at the last minute lucky I Guess. Bless Him. Also Sgt James Carmen met him in Vietnam When his shot up plane landed at CRB
  3. I Just got some from Priorservice.com They had several sizes and great hats and things Jack Schmidt Milwaukee WI
  4. Can 't make it my birthday (70) I was at Sewert from 63 -65 Than Tachi and Vietnam TDY til ^* Good luck Looking for Herky 61 957 958 960 961 Spent a lot of time on 0958 John ( Jack ) Schmidt Crew Chief Thank You
  5. sava5085

    C-130 Warrior

    Where in WI are you I was with the *!% all over Viet from 1963 68 I'm from Milwaukee
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