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  1. The blade is the same but shortened and a different blade end shape.
  2. Hello I am working on understanding why The Hamilton Standard 54H60 blades used on the C-130's and the P-3 have been cracking . An example would be the 10 July 2017 KC-130 mishap in Mississippi as well as others. Usually it not the gears, but than it does happen. But i am interested in any info regarding any incidents that you all may recall of a blade separating from an aircraft. I am a NDT Specialist looking into where,when and how this happens and and information you may have could be very helpful in my research. Thank you for your time.
  3. Both planes use the Hamilton Standard 54H60 Blades.
  4. Good day to you all, I am an NDT Specialist, specializing in working on C-130 and P-3 series aircraft.I am working on the Hamilton Standard 54H60 series blades . I would like to be in contact anyone with knowledge on blade separation on these blades. Not just on the newer blades but from 1958 until present day . I am trying to put together documentation and understanding of why these blades have failed since the early years. You can contact me here or PM me at reelthunder57@gmail.com Thank you for you time, Reelthunder
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