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  1. Still dealing with this issue unfortunately. We noticed during takeoff tr3 load skyrockets 15%+ above tr1 inducing a dc bus overload. It will repeatedly fail and recover for 2 seconds a handful of times only during takeoffs.
  2. Greetings, We’ve been having an ongoing RTRU issue that only occurs in flight, usually a couple of times during touch and gos/takeoff. TR3 load will drop below 5, kick out a fail for 2-3 seconds then recover and go back to functioning properly. A few things we’ve changed include the TR unit, BIU, as well as the associated diode. Was curious if anyone has seen a similar issue or has any input on potential culprits. All meter readings weve checked have been good, as it does not fail on ground.
  3. Hello! We’ve recently ran into an issue on our C130J with a get home control panel lighting. The panel lights up and is fully operation with external power, however on just battery power the lighting is inop. It will still transmit, but the lighting is completely inop. We’ve ohms checked most associated wiring good, swapped get home control panels, BAU, as well as the emer lighting module to no avail. anyone have any experience with something similar or have any input? thanks!
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