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  1. 130eng


  2. According to the Lockheed manual the pump is designed to support only 2 engines. This applies to the main tank pumps as well.
  3. 130eng

    Old Herks

    Anybody have an idea of when we'll start flying all e models to the Boneyard? are the 73 Models (super E) gonna be around for a while?
  4. Thanks FTP, I'm gonna check out some service news too!
  5. Does anyone know what the chine angle is and how to check to see if it's good?
  6. I appreciate all of your inputs.
  7. Hello all, Statistically speaking, with anti skid turned off using only normal brakes, how likely are we to lock a wheel and blow the tire with light brake applications on landing with a normal paved runway?
  8. Anyone know how flammable our hydraulic fluid is (87257/83282)? Just wondering how much danger an electrical spark could potentially pose in a hydraulic mist situation.
  9. Thanks Tiny, will test it out on prflt tomorrow
  10. On a straight H model- If you've got your top strobe sw in IR, and you take strobe inhibit to LO-COV, will your top light go to dim red, or will it stay IR?
  11. Anybody know why we have the iron lung outlets?
  12. Who are they and what do they do?
  13. 130eng

    AC Gunners

    LOL Thanks Dan. Yeah I think he would be more interested in raining some destruction with the miniguns.
  14. Hi, my cousin is interested in becoming an AC gunner. Do you have to be prior enlisted to do this job? What does an AC gunner actually do? Do they just Reload and fix malfunctions, or do they aim/ fire?
  15. I was wondering if anybody knows the reason why they decided to use the Lockheed Fowler flap system on the C130. My best guess is that they were trying to increase lift and decrease stall speeds for airdrops, but I'm wondering if there is a more specific reason. Any input appreciated -D.T.
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