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  1. I know that C-130A nacelles were shorter forward of the firewall. Does anyone know exactly how much shorter they were than the later nacelles? Thanks
  2. Unless you’re building one from the 1960s-80s when they had them installed.
  3. Keep in mind that this photo is a very early build airplane (delivered in 1959), so that might make a difference.
  4. I've never seen a forum where you can't go back and edit a posting you've created if it's more than a very few minutes since you created it.
  5. Still need closeup pics of them. I'm working with a CAD artist to create a 3D printed conversion set so (at long last) you can build an accurate 1/72 HC-130N/P model.
  6. Does anyone have any closeup photos of these strakes (?) on the loading ramp of an HC-130N? Nothing I can find online shows them in detail. Thanks!
  7. I’m at a complete loss as to why the four darker circles you see on the starboard wing are further aft than the corresponding ones on the port wing. I’ve downloaded every C-130 manual I can find, and none of them show four refueling ports (?) or anything else in an arrangement like that.
  8. I purchased a digital copy of the C-130B/HC-130B/C-130E flight manual. The manual clearly shows THREE fuel access ports on the upper wings, including well inboard near the root (#13 on the drawing key), but NOT one well outboard. It’s showing one on the external tank (on the C-130E), but only three on the top of the wing. The manual also clearly shows three blue formation lights, set in the upper wing aft of the rear spar, all well outboard, all outboard of the engine nacelles. There are also three of them on the fuselage spine behind the wing. But then look closely at the R8V-1G photo again. On the starboard wing there are four circles on the outboard wing section, set well aft near the aft spar, but none inboard at all. On the port wing, these circles are well forward, just behind the front spar, again with none inboard at all. I know it’s not the clearest of photos, but I don’t see any of the blue formation lights, either on the wing aft of the rear spar, or on the fuselage spine. The more I look, the more confused I get!
  9. So would the C-130B wing have had four formation lights?
  10. So my question is, what exactly is it that I'm seeing in the photo? That aircraft is in her factory finish, and they're clearly some dark color. Would the fuel tank access panels be painted red or some other color? If that's the case, then it appears this a/c doesn't have the blue formation lights. The USCG would have had no reason to have them, and I supposed it's possible they didn't install them, but I'm just not sure what I'm seeing.
  11. This is the bird I’m wanting to do a model of…
  12. This is HC-130B (delivered as an R8V-1G, procured through the USAF as 58-5396). I’m trying to figure out of the four dots I see on the outer wing panels are in fact blue formation lights. I’ve scaled them out on a 1/72 model (very approximate) and they appear to be about 8” in diameter, which seems too big for formation lights. I’m assuming the panels behind #2 and #3 are the dry bays? Does anyone have any C-130B documentation that shows the formation lights? The image above in this thread shows only 3 on the outer wings. Thanks!
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