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  1. From what I remember looks like a nose gear pin to me.
  2. CLSS Combat Logistics Support Squadron GTC Gas Turbine Compressor LPU Life Preserver Unit RAM Tapid Area Maintenance Team TATG Tactical Airlift Training Group TATS Tactical Airlift Training Squadron TDS Temperature Datum System TG Test Group TIT Turbine Inlet Temperature TOLD Takeoff and Landing Data
  3. Ok, maybe this old mind is having some issues but fuel nozzles being the cause for a bad smell from the AC escapes me. Air goes through compressor, then into the diffuser section where it slows down and bleed air is piped off, then into the burner cans where it mixes with fuel and ignites, then through turbine and out the back. With the fuel nozzles being aft of the diffuser section, and air flow moving aft, how can they cause the bad smell in the bleed air system?
  4. I actually participated in that project but not in the C-130 world. I was at Kelly as part of a RAM team (2954th CLSS if I remember correctly). A group of us were told to pack a bag and be at the terminal at such-n-such time. No other info given. Loaded us on a C-5 and off we went. The wives seemed to know where we were going but not us. Operational security - just ask a military wife, they know all the skinny. Anyway we landed in Spain for gas. Plane broke so we spent 12 hours on the ground. Hit the town for some rum and coke at a local club. Next thing we knew we had landed in Iran on some IAF base. Spent 9 days there tearing down the Shaw's F-5A's and crating them up to be sent to VN. US was giving him new F-5E's to replace them. We could only go to work, the barracks, and the O Club which we all went to for food and drinks. We all ended up with constipation and/or diarrhea. Pills to start crapping, then pills to stop. Flew a C-141 home. Those porta potties got a good workout.
  5. Hero's are just ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances. Many heart-felt thanks to all of them.
  6. Drawing of the AN-12. Can you image riding tail gunner during a low level in a Herc?
  7. Veteran's Day is in a couple weeks. Amen.
  8. Me. 63, but look and feel 83. Guess way too many bad women, marriages, bad booze, bad lifestyle, long night life. Change that, no bad booze.
  9. Bleeds open or in reg(?). If in reg I'd do a TO with all open and then with all closed. Then do a comparison. Thendo TOs with symetricals open/closed/reg. Might elimmiate a lot of parts swapping at first.
  10. SEFEGeorge


    I've be browsing the web site www amervets dot com. Some pretty good information. I filled out some info and they sent me a listing of awards and decs that I probably qualify for. In the listing I saw only 2 that I might qualify for, Air Force Training (Accession) and Cold War ribbons. Not sure but I just might use their form and send them in. A few others I might have to research more. Is there a place when you can research awards for particular units, projects, or other support? I provided some support for the Yon Kipper War in '73 while at Wright-Patterson. There was something like a 900 series manual that listed unit awards but it was in an office on base. Any ideas, comments, etc?
  11. Started my FE Herc career with the 32nd at The Rock (1976). Two months later I was on Rote to Moldy hole. Saw more of the Europe than during the rest of my career - England, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Turkey, etc. Start off in Germany, see Europe on Uncle Sam, build up your TAC treasures, then make your decision. Single guy, stationed in Germany, OH MY!
  12. Breaks my heart to see what they've done to my beloved Herc. Looks like a frigging point A to Point B airliner. And what are those "yokes" on both sides of the throttle quadrant?
  13. After all my years of flying with out giving it 2nd thought, flying now is a big concern of mine. The portable O2 concentrator we have is nice but the 2 batteries only seem to last about an hour each. Can plug it in but not sure if airlines have any kind of electrical plugs located where it can be plugged in. Not sure about the star. I live on the other side of town from the base, out by the airport. So I don't get over in that area very often. The "new" hospital is awesome. Don't remember when it was opened. The "new" VA clinic just outside the Muldoon gate is very nice as well. The VA clinic and the hospital are connected by a long walkway.
  14. SEFEGeorge

    For Giz

    Firefighters, gotta love them.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Not 100% disabled though. See my pulmonologist on the 11th. Hopefully she'll have some information for me. My Medicare should be started in a few weeks anyway.
  16. Not being as artistically capable as you by any means I used paint and put together a simple jpg with patches. Not even sure what tail number Herc to put on it, or for that matter, any other whistles and bells. Thought came to mind that maybe use the Lockheed Hercules patch as a faded background behind the Herc picture. But that may need Lockheed's approval. I'm sure that you will come up with the good narrative, etc. You always do. Maybe 314th history, etc.
  17. E Models look awesome Casey. How about a 314 TAW with the 5 squadron patches? Maybe make that 6 since the 16 TATS had to change our patch. Forgot about the 34 TATG as well. More artwork required by it would be more accurate for us old TAW guys.
  18. Just spent 3 days in the Elmendorf AFB hospital with breathing problems. Since I'm a VA patient Providence Hospital transferred me to JBER for admittance. Come to find out on top of my COPD I've got a "blemp" (?) on the top of my left lung which is blocking some of the O2/CO2 transfer. They're wanting to send me to the Seattle Va to get the upper lobe removed to help with the breathing. Guess if this thing bursts it could cause a collapsed lung, etc. Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with being sent to another state like this, and in this case having to fly there even with my severe COPD and breathing issues? Wondering if VA provides an escort, etc., or do they do a medivac flight in cases like this, or fly on a transport with a military nurse, etc? Just need to get an appointment with my pulminologist come Monday. I saw her at JBER on Friday. So I imagine that something will get worked out. I'm on home O2 but also found out that my oxygen saturation should not be 98%. It should be around 94% for better lung function and O2/CO2 exchange. Anyway, just curious. Guess I'll find out more once I see the doc.
  19. Change the batteries on our smoke detectors every change of daylight savings time. You never realize how many clocks there are in the house until you have to reset them!
  20. Giz, This is what I found. Not spamming here, we just have 2 of these and they are convenient. Remember my wife cooks!
  21. Ditto to what bbsoto said. Kudos Casey. Outstanding job.
  22. I watched a movie some years ago about a hurricane in Florida. Don't remember it's name now, but it was right before I was going to LR to start on Hercs. They showed a Hurricane Hunter Herc flying into the storm and an engine developed an oil leak, I think it was. Anyway someone looked out the window and said it was an induction oil leak. I already had my -1 and was reading through it to get a head of the game. I looked at my wife and said "BS, no such thing." Well, maybe that was an omen for her. We split a couple years later.
  23. I remember my CMSgt NCOIC in the 16th TATS telling me that when he was a brand new Herc FE he was going into La Paz, and he spent an hour or better trying to figure out how to depressurize the plane prior to landing since the pressure controller only went to 10K. Guess we all had to start our experience and knowledge level somewhere!
  24. Yeah Don, decent enough movie. They always take some liberties that's for sure. I must drive my wife nuts doing similar stuff.
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