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Brazilian Air Force launches paratroopers with its final C-130 Hercules


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Brazilian Air Force launches paratroopers with its final C-130 Hercules


Ricardo Meier

January 31, 2024

FAB 2476 aircraft had not flown since December and was officially deactivated. Farewell to Lockheed turboprop could occur on February 18

After leaving it on the ground for 45 days, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) returned to flying with its last C-130 Hercules on January 30th.

The tactical transport aircraft took off from Galeão Air Base, where it is based, to Campo dos Afonsos, both in Rio de Janeiro, in order to launch paratroopers.

The flight was recorded on video and shows the turboprop preparing to take off and dropping soldiers over the region.

The C-130 Hercules FAB 2476 had flown for the last time on December 16, between the air bases of Santa Maria and Galeão, where the 1º/1º GT Squadron is located.

In addition to it, the FAB also had the KC-130 FAB 2462 active until the middle of last month, capable of carrying out aerial refueling.

Farewell ceremony

As Air Data News previously published, FAB planning called for the deactivation of both on December 31, ending a decades-long career as the Brazilian Air Force’s main transport aircraft.

The Hercules is being replaced by the Embraer KC-390 Millennium, of which the Brazilian Air Force has six aircraft in service and was scheduled to deliver a seventh jet, which did not occur.

According to Defensa.com, the FAB may hold an official farewell ceremony for Hercules on February 18, when the Gordo Squadron will turn 71 years old.

Brazian AF Last Flight.jpg

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