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    John Allen sent me these pictures of 55-0005 and 56-0469. They were Blind Bat aircraft. The pictures appear to be taken at Naha and Ubon 1969-70.
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    Connecticut State Police troopers escorted a military aircraft across Connecticut roads Friday, attracting an audience along the way. Police posted photos of the plane, a U.S. Air Force C-130 transport aircraft, on its Facebook page Saturday. It was loaded onto a tractor trailer in CT, where troopers escorted the heavy cargo to the Rhode Island border. The plane is headed to New Hampshire, according to the State Police Facebook post. "Many people were surprised to see this plane traveling along the interstate and through Bethel, Thomaston and other towns," police wrote in the post. Believed to be heading for Pease ANGB, NH to be possibly a aeromedivac trainer.
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    I got these from my friend Mel Copeland:
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    guys, I flew bat 14 from fall of 69 until the last bat mission in sea. our crew flew the last bat mission. I actually have pictures of it, but will need my son to show me how to load and show them. BTW all our aircraft were black. SSGT Jim "SKI" Steszewski
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